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Wednesday, 29/07/2020

10 Beneficial Insects Youíll Want In Your Garden & Vegetable Plot

Nature always provides a means of keeping a balance and it’s no different in the garden. There are many insects that you should actively encourage to take up residence in your garden.....

Saturday, 27/06/2020

Luckily, growing sweetcorn from seed is a straight forward affair requiring little technical knowledge.


What should I be planting in this Autumn? Here's a few we recommend.....

Latest Customer Variety Reviews
Great flavour - our favourite!
Sunday, 30 August 2020  |  Lynne

An unbeatable cherry tomato, early to crop under glass, wonderful flavour and skin doesnít easily split.

My favourite kale
Wednesday, 29 July 2020  |  Terri

I actually grew this as a full-sized kale rather than a baby kale and itís the best Iíve ever found. The leaves cook down like spinach, so you end up with a concentrated amount of really tasty cooked kale. Itís now running to seed and Iím harvesting the shoots before they flower and the small leaves on the shoots and cooking them all together ó really delicious. I will be growing this kale regularly.

Reliable and tasty
Sunday, 8 March 2020  |  M

Grown for a few years now. No trouble except for an annual attack of black aphids. Deal with that and enjoy a good crop.

unstoppable army of cucumbers
Monday, 19 August 2019  |  Mike

These things grew like triffids, quite a low growing plant that wanted to spread out a lot. Produced a lot of medium sized cucumbers and a few monsters too, all delicious.