BeakyBites Peanuts for Birds - 1.5kg Bag
BeakyBites Peanuts for Birds - 1.5kg Bag
BeakyBites Peanuts for Birds - 1.5kg Bag
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Peanuts for Birds - 1.5kg Bag

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Our premium bird peanuts are carefully selected for their exceptional quality and nutritional value, making them a beloved treat for a wide variety of wild bird species.

Packed with essential proteins and healthy fats, these peanuts provide vital sustenance to birds year-round, especially during colder seasons and breeding periods. Each batch is meticulously chosen for freshness and tested for Aflatoxin to ensure safety, guaranteeing optimal nutrition for our feathered friends.

Whether used in dedicated peanut feeders or scattered across feeding tables, our premium bird peanuts attract a delightful range of species, from colourful tits to lively woodpeckers and more. Your garden will come alive with the vibrant colours and melodious songs of visiting birds.

Packaged in a convenient 1.5kg resealable pack, our peanuts are easy to store and dispense, making it simple to nourish your feathered guests. Committed to the welfare of both birds and the environment, we adhere to strict industry standards to ensure our products contribute positively to wild bird populations.

To use, simply fill your peanut feeder with our peanuts and position it in your garden. Regular cleaning and refilling of feeders will ensure a steady supply of nutritious food for your visitors.

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