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PLEASE NOTE : The SimplySeed Staff do not have any access to your payment card details for orders placed - we can not add to existing orders.

Common Questions. 

Q. Deliveries to Northern Ireland.

A. We are currently waiting to see what we can and cannot sent to Northern Ireland. We hope to open ordering again soon. 


Q. Seed Packets - Order Quantity Limit of 1 per variety

A. As per last year, due to demand we have had to introduce a limit of 1 packet per variety. This will hopefully be dropped as soon as we can, once seeds start moving through customs easier, enabling us to replenish faster.


Q. I can't order!

A. We have had to stop taking orders to catch up.... Reopening Tuesday 19th.



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Supplier Queries:, Moor Lane, Gotham, Nottingham, NG11 0LH

Tel: 0115 7270606 (24hr answerphone, use form above please!)

(Please note: We do not accept telephone orders)