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We welcome all enquiries - if you have questions about or have suggestions for improving our service, please do let us know.

Current Common Questions:

"Where's my Garlic Order ??"" - Garlic are Preordered for end of September delivery.   

"I have had a despatch email, but "Where's my Order ??"" - Please give up to a week for delivery - Royal Mail can be slow at times, especially when the weather is poor. If you think you should have had your order by now, please get in touch below. 

"Some of the seed packets are showing as Out of Stock??" - We have the seed for this coming season arriving with us daily, so please sign up for the notification on the product page and you'll get an email when we list the stock. Potatoes however, if its out of stock - it's sold out!


Not one of the above? Then please use this form for all queries. This will give us the time and info we need for answering your questions effectively. Remember to include any order numbers specific to your query.

PLEASE NOTE : The SimplySeed Staff do not have any access to your payment card details for orders placed - we can not add to existing orders.

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Supplier Queries:, Moor Lane, Gotham, Nottingham, NG11 0LH

Tel: 0115 7270606 (24hr answerphone, use form above please!)

(Please note: We do not accept telephone orders)