What Seeds to sow in January?

January means a dormant month in terms of growth outside in the garden, but there are quite a few flower seeds and vegetable seeds which may be sown on a warm windowsill in a heated propagator to give a head start on the long growing season. 

When later planted out into the vegetable plot or an unheated greenhouse during warmer months, it usually give an earlier crop.  Our sections list some of the best seeds to start sowing in January to ease that winter boredom.


Don't Forget Your Seed Potatoes


Sowing Seeds Indoors

Sowing seeds indoors in seed trays significantly increases your chances of germinating at this early stage of the season. You can purchase an appropriate heated windowsill propagator if you wish to sow seeds that require a high minimum temperature to germinate. 

For some seeds such as Broad beans or sweet peas however, heated propagators may not be necessary and a sunny windowsill may be sufficient. 

If seeds are sown outdoors at this time of the year the biggest challenges are low illumination and short daylight hours. Seeds planted early in the year may sometimes become leggy or listless. They could become weaker as they move upwards to seek light.

Tips for Sowing in January

If you decide to start sowing in January, the living in mild areas will have a much bigger choice to gardeners living in the north of the UK. 

Vegetables that can sown in January include Onion Seeds and a few early crops of Lettuce, Aubergines, Chillies, and  Sweet Peppers. 

For best results thinly sow the different seeds cell tray containers or pots, keep on in a heated propagator or a  sunny windowsill with good light, and water as needed. Move the plants on in fresh soil as they grow.