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Wednesday, 29/07/2020

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Nature always provides a means of keeping a balance and it’s no different in the garden. There are many insects that you should actively encourage to take up residence in your garden.....

Saturday, 27/06/2020

Luckily, growing sweetcorn from seed is a straight forward affair requiring little technical knowledge.

Nemaslug Slug Killer Nematodes - Small Packet, 40m2
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Nemaslug Slug Killer Nematodes - Small Packet, 40m2

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One application of Nemaslug Slug Killer will provide at least 6 weeks control of all common species of small to medium sized garden slugs.

If you start applying nemaslug early in the season, you can target the young slugs growing under the ground. Unlike chemical pellets, the slug killer nematodes continue to work well during wet weather - exactly when you need protection against slugs

Nemaslug Nematodes are easy to apply using a watering can and do not leave any unsightly residues. Each application of nematodes will provide at least six weeks control of slugs. This is generally enough time for seedlings and bedding plants to get well established. The majority of the slugs will die underground, so don't expect to see dead slugs lying around.

Click on the image to play the 'how to apply...' video.

Apply Nemaslug to moist soil. The soil temperature should be 5ºC or over (this is also when plants start to grow). Nematodes are capable of surviving the odd frost; so don't worry if the temperature falls after you have applied Nemaslug. Slug pellets are reported not to be effective below 7ºC.

Potatoes are susceptible to slug attack later in the season than most other plants. Apply Nemaslug Slug Killer 6 weeks before harvest, when the tubers are most likely to be eaten by slugs. If you have a heavy clay area, ensure you apply Nemaslug to well worked soil. Nemaslug is less effective on cloggy clay soil, which has not been worked and/or has become waterlogged.

  • Nemaslug Slug Killer comes in pack sizes to treat 40 sq.m (50 sq.yds) and 100 sq.m (125 sq.yds).
  • Once opened, use the entire pack in one application.

Recognising slug damage

  • Look for irregular holes with smooth edges on leaves.
  • Nearby will be evidence of their slime trials. They are particularly fond of succulent seedlings, which when left unprotected, can be totally destroyed in a single night.
  • As well as attacking the leafy parts of plants, slugs will also feast on your fruit and vegetable crop. Slugs will chew holes in your ripening strawberries and tomatoes.
  • If your seeds do not seem to have germinated, it is possible that slugs have devoured the emerging seedlings underground.
  • Slugs love potatoes, which are of course grown underground, so you cannot see them being attacked.

Nemaslug might affect water snails. To avoid harming them keep the treatment 15 cm away from ponds.

28th February 2017
Question? I have a layer of bark mulch on my soil. Will the nematodes get below this or die off on the surface?

The Nemasys / BASF Technical Specialist has answered this question as followed.....

"The nematodes can be applied over the top of the mulch and they'll find their way down to the soil through the spaces between the bark chips no problem.

However it's recommended to apply water right after the application to wash the nematodes down and keep an eye on the soil moisture content; it should be kept moist for at least two weeks after the application.."

21 / 05 / 16
Question? Does Nemaslug work on the really monster size slugs i'm seeing round the garden?
Answer! The nematodes used in Nemaslug can kill the small and medium sized slugs, however i'm afraid does not have the same success with the larger mature giant slugs.

18 / 03 / 16
Question? Is this product harmful to hedgehogs?

The Nemasys / BASF Technical Specialist has answered this question as followed.....

"Nemaslug contains the beneficial nematode Phasmarhabditis hermaphrodita which is naturally occurring in the soil and is specific to gastropods. What it means is, this nematode species is not harmful to mammals such hedgehogs, even if swallowed. On the contrary, it is an effective biological control of slugs. Infected slugs stop feeding quickly and die below ground within 4-21 days. Nemaslug and Nemasys are biological control agents manufactured by BASF and are safe for children, pets and wildlife. A regular regime of using Nemaslug every 6 weeks will keep slugs at bay and will not harm hedgehogs.

Most slug killers are applied to the surface of the soil. Slugs spend most of their time underground, coming up at night to feed. Depending on slug species, some do not even come up at all if they can feed on starch-rich tubers such potatoes. Nemaslug instead, will literally chase the slugs in the soil and kill them.

Some of the slug pellets for example contain methiocarb. This chemical is a non-selective carbamate that acts as a stomach poison and is generally toxic to other organisms such as birds and hedgehogs."

16 / 03 / 16
Question? Does Nemaslug work on snails as well?
Answer! The nematode used in Nemaslug is a mollusc killer however, nematodes live under the soil and snails tend to stay on the surface, so they don’t come into contact very often. It does have a slight effect on small snails as they remain under the soil for longer.

16 / 03 / 16
Question? Can I use Nemaslug in a polytunnel?
Answer! Yes, the nematodes can be used in polytunnels and greenhouses, actually you can usually apply earlier in these situations than you can for outside usage as the soil warms up quicker. Remember to keep the soil moist though.

16 / 03 / 16
Question? If I only have a small area to treat how long will the remaining nematodes remain viable and how should I store them?
Answer! Nematodes are a living product, Whilst the packs usually have a 3-4 weeks use by date on despatch and can be kept in the fridge until required, Nemasys advise that you use the entire packet in one go, and not to store the opened packet or a made up solution.

30 / 01 / 16
Question? When can I place an order for some Nemaslug nematodes?
Answer! We will start accepting preorders for Nemaslug from Friday 26th February, for delivery in March. The exact date that we will start sending out the nematodes will depend on weather conditions in March, If its a warm month then the product will be available earlier as it is the ground temperature that is the critical factor.


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Nemaslug Slug Killer Nematodes - Small Packet, 40m2
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Sunday, 17 April 2016  |  Patrick

First class prompt delivery well packed

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