What Seeds to Sow in June

The month of June signals the start of summer proper, which to many gardeners means no more night frosts, lower rainfall and warm sultry days. Of course, it doesn’t always pan out that way but temperatures are definitely on the way up. So, as the mercury rises you can now safely sow a wide variety of plant seeds with complete confidence.

Warmer temperatures, however, also means more pests to contend with including caterpillars of the cabbage white butterfly, rampaging through your green brassicas, and the usual range of aphids, slugs and snails intent on devouring most everything else in the garden. Pest control measures should, therefore, be at the forefront of your mind along with ensuring plants are kept well-watered, as you proceed with your June planting plans.


Seed Sowing Essentials

Flowering plants

Most bedding plants will be ready to plant out if not already done so but there are still some hardy perennials that can be sown now, which will flower in either flower in August, September or October this year or in the spring or early summer of next year. These include Achillea, Aquilegia, Gypsophila and Lupins, all of which can be sown directly into the soil. For some blazing colour next year, select to sow the scented hardy biennial Barbatus (Sweet William). Sow Digitalis (Foxglove) under cover now, for some late flowering summer displays. Also, you can sow hardy Penstemons directly now, which will flower from next July onwards. Zinnias can be sown now either directly or in modular trays for a big splash of late summer colour along with 10-week stocks.


June is a good time to think about stocking up on your supply of herbs. Sow Dill, which will be ready for harvesting in just 6-8 weeks together with Summer Savoury and Parsley. Sow Lemon Basil in pots and grow on ready for planting out in late summer, ready for harvesting next year. Garlic Chives can be sown outdoors now in drills. The leaves will be ready for harvesting after 8-10 weeks or wait a few weeks more for flowers. If you’re looking for something to add to your summer salads try growing Mustard Wasabini, a cut-and-come-again member of the Brassica family. Sow the seeds generously direct into prepared soil and harvest when the leaves are about 10cm high. One sowing can be harvested over a 6-month period.

For the kitchen and table

Fresh vegetables are always in demand so to keep up with your salad and staple vegetable requirements, continue to sow salad leaves and lettuce seeds directly into prepared soil. You can still sow Spring Onions too, which will be ready for harvesting in around 8 weeks. Also, there’s still time to sow runner beans and French beans. June is the ideal month for sowing root crop vegetables such as Carrots, Beetroot, Radish and Swede along with Parsnips. Broccoli lovers can get sowing now and if you like your greens then Kale can also be sown this month too along with Spinach. Chard, Courgettes and Leeks make it onto the June sowing list together with Pumpkins and Squashes.