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15L Peat Free Seed Compost with added Perlite

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Coco & Coir Cutting & Seeding Peat Free Compost - 15L

Start seeding and planting with ease using this Peat Free Seeding Compost. It's designed for hassle-free gardening and is ideal for both novices and experienced gardeners, the 15L bag is a manageable size, perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

It's crafted from 80% natural coco coir and 20% perlite, making it not only peat-free but also environmentally conscious. This compost supports the well-being of our planet.

The inclusion of perlite in the compost increases the porosity of your potting mix. This is crucial for optimal root aeration and drainage. The technical advantage ensures that your plants develop healthier and stronger roots, leading to vigorous growth and improved yields.

Composition and Advantages:

The unique blend of 80% natural coco coir and 20% perlite offers notable advantages for plants. Engineered for improved porosity and aeration, it's a great choice, supporting rapid root growth and sturdy stem development, facilitating healthier and more resilient plants. This peat-free composition caters to various plant types and growth environments, from traditional gardens to hydroponic systems.

The inclusion of perlite elevates substrate porosity, ensuring efficient water retention while enabling excess moisture to escape, striking an ideal balance for optimal plant health.

Water Management and Application:

With good water retention capabilities, the seed compost ensures you're watering less frequently while still providing your plants with the hydration they need. This blend, consisting of 80% natural coco coir and 20% perlite, offers a delicate balance between moisture retention and drainage, preventing waterlogging and fostering optimal root health.

The inclusion of perlite enhances the porosity of your potting mix, reinforcing the compost's structure to retain water without compromising the air pockets essential for root respiration. You'll find that the compost's ability to hold onto water reduces the need for constant watering, which is particularly beneficial during dry spells or if you're managing a large number of plants.

User-friendly and lightweight, the 15L bag is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Its peat-free and environmentally conscious design underscores a commitment to sustainable gardening practices.

Usage Guidelines

To make the compost ready for use, you'll need to follow a few simple steps when preparing it for use.

Begin by placing the compressed brick in a large container. Gradually add warm water, pouring it directly onto the centre of the brick. The amount of water and waiting time will vary, so refer to the instructions for the precise quantities. Typically, it takes around 8-20 minutes for the water to fully absorb.

Once the brick has expanded and the water is absorbed, take a hand fork and fluff up the compost. This step ensures proper aeration, crucial for the compost's structure and the roots' growth. It's essential to break apart any large clumps to create a uniform mixture.

Now, you're ready to start seeding. Ensure you water the plants just enough to keep the compost moist, as overwatering can lead to poor root health and plant diseases.

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