Bird Table Favourites Bundle

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Ultimate Bird Table Feeding Favourites Bundle

Introducing our Bird Table Favourites Bundle, the perfect collection to provide a delectable feast for the wild birds in your garden. This specially curated bundle includes 400g of protein rich mealworms, 1.5kg of nutritious peanuts, 1.5kg of high energy black sunflower seeds, and 1.5kg of a fruity bird feed mix.

Ideal for bird tables, this bundle attracts a wide range of garden birds such as blue tits, robins, hoe sparrows, and finches. The diverse feeds cater to the varied tastes and dietary needs of your feathered visitors, ensuring a vibrant and active bird population in your garden.

Our Bird Table Favourites Bundle offers excellent nutrition and great value for money, coming at a discounted price. Enhance your bird watching experience without breaking the bank with this comprehensive feeding solution.

Transform your garden into a haven for wild birds with the Bird Table Favourites Bundle. It’s the perfect deal for any bird enthusiast looking to support their local avian population with high quality, delicious bird feed.

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