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Packet of Broad Bean Super Aquadulce SeedsBroad Bean Super Aquadulce is the standard variety for overwintering. It has very good cold tolerance and the semi compact plants give high yields with pods typically containing 6-7 beans per pod. Super Aquadulce grows to approximately 80cm in height.

It is very early maturing variety. Sow October - November or February - March. From Autumn sowing you should be harvesting June onwards.

Average Packet Contents: 40 Seeds

Broad Bean Super Aquadulce Grow Notes
When to Sow Seeds: October / November, Jan to April - In cell trays or direct sown outside
Germination Temperature: 12 ℃ Cover Seeds: Yes
Time to Germination: 10 - 14 Days Frost Hardy: Yes, Best protected over Winter.
Spacing Between Plants: 12cm Row Spacing: 30cm
Plant Height: 80cm Planting Position: Sun


Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Sow In Trays:                        
Sow Direct:                        

General Broad Bean Seeds Growing Tips

Broad beans are the first legumes to be harvested, and with a succession of sowings you can have broad beans available right from June into September.

In mild areas you can sow Broad Beans - usually varieties such as Super Aquadulce or The Sutton in the autumn for a early crop the following year. During cold weather it pays to cover the plants with fleece for added protection.

  • Sow the broad bean seeds either in large cells or direct in the ground, about 5cm deep and 20cm apart; dwarf varieties can be sown 15cm apart if you are short of space.
  • They are commonly sown in double rows approx. 20cm apart, with a gap of 60cm between each double row.
  • Once through feed regularly.
  • Taller varieties will need support, place a cane at the end of the double row and run a string round the plants and canes. Repeat as they grow giving support as needed.
  • Broad beans can be attacked by aphids. One way to reduce the damage is to pinch out the top 7.5cm of the plants when the first pods start are seen. Alternatively you can spray with SB Plant Invigorator.
  • When picking pods to shell wait until the beans can be seen through the pod. Do not leave them too long as once the scar on the bean turns black, the beans start becoming tougher.

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Customer Reviews
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6 Reviews:

Couldn't ask for better
05 October 2015  |  Michael

I bought these last year and made 3 sowings, 1 in autumn direct and protected with glass, 1 in loo rolls in greenhouse in Feb and last direct in March. Every single bean germinated and produced carrier bags full of delicious beans.

Quick germination
09 January 2015  |  Vivianne

I bought these seeds intending to plant in the autumn, however time got the better of me. I planted the seeds on Wednesday 31st Dec and left in a propagator, min 16 C, max 25 C. These had germinated by Wednesday 7th January, 100 % sucess rate, so I am very pleased.

These will be grown on in a cold green house for a couple of weeks and depending on soil conditions I will plant out under cloches towards the end of the month. Hoping to get an early crop in.

Super Bean
08 January 2015  |  Steve

Stood up well over the winter coming on strong from Feb onwards. Needs staking and securing. Plants were robust producing lots of flowers and pods. Picking out tips encouraged fuller pods. Only criticism is the shell is quite bitter but a little sugar in the water when cooking did the trick. buy with confidence

Autumn sown success
07 February 2013  |  Michael

I planted two rows in October. Germination was excellent and plants grew strongly. They were protected with fleece during hard frosts and came through without loss for an early crop.
Good use of a plot through winter.

24 January 2013  |  Jamie

Delicious broad beans!

Best crop despite the wet weather
02 September 2012  |  Alan

I planted some seed last October and again earlier this year and both crops were superb despite the weather the quality and flavour of this bean variety is well worth growing