Squirrel Proof Fat Ball Bird Feeder
Squirrel Proof Fat Ball Bird Feeder

Squirrel Proof Fat Ball Bird Feeder

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Squirrel Proof Fat Ball Feeder: A Haven for Your Feathered Friends

Transform your garden into a sanctuary for wild birds with our latest innovation, the Squirrel Proof Fat Ball Feeder. Designed to keep those pesky squirrels at bay, this feeder ensures that your garden remains a peaceful haven for your feathered visitors.

Key Features:

• Sturdy & Stylish Design: Crafted from green powder-coated metal, this bird feeder is both durable and elegant. It seamlessly blends into your garden, providing a safe feeding spot for small birds while deterring larger birds and squirrels.
• Generous Capacity: Holds up to four fat balls, making it an ideal addition to your garden. Your feathered friends will always have a steady supply of their favourite treats.
• Easy to Refill: The top hatch allows for effortless refilling, ensuring that your birds never go hungry. Simply open the hatch, pop in the fat balls, and you're done!
• Simple Maintenance: Cleaning is a breeze with the easy access top hatch. A quick wash with antibacterial solution keeps the feeder hygienic and ready for your garden birds.
• Protective Caged Design: The robust cage protects the internal feeder, allowing small birds to eat in peace, undisturbed by larger intruders.

Why You'll Love It:

This feeder is a must have for any bird lover’s garden. The green powder coated metal blends seamlessly into your garden, providing a natural look while withstanding the elements and persistent squirrels. It ensures your favourite small birds like blue tits, robins, coal tits, and house sparrows get their fair share of food without interference. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your feathered friends are thriving in the safe and secure environment of your back garden.

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