The Best Small Orange Cherry Tomatoes To Grow

The Best Small Orange Cherry Tomatoes To Grow

Ever wondered which small orange cherry tomatoes are the gardener's choice in the UK? These tiny, sun-kissed jewels pack a punch of flavour that's both sweet and tangy. Perfect for salads, snacking, or as a vibrant garnish, they're a must-have in any veggie garden. This guide zeroes in on the crème de la crème of the orange cherry tomatoes perfect for British soil and climate.

Origins and Evolution of Cherry Tomatoes

These tiny treats have been around for ages, making their way into the hearts and greenhouses of UK gardeners. Did you know, they actually hail from South America? And over time, these pint-sized tomatoes travelled across the globe and got a warm welcome in the UK. Here's a cool fact: breeders have been super busy creating new types that thrive in the British weather.

One standout variety is the orange cherry tomato. These sunny little orbs popped up in the UK market not too long ago, delighting gardeners with their burst of colour and zesty taste. They're a hit, and you might find it nifty to know that SimplySeed offers some of the best small orange cherry tomatoes in the UK, like the Tomato Honeycomb or Tomato Sungold.

Identifying High-Quality Orange Cherry Tomato Varieties

When you're on the hunt for the best small orange cherry tomatoes to grow, quality is key. These juicy bites pack a punch with flavour that'll have you coming back for more, more often than not they are eaten before making the kitchen. But what makes a top-tier cherry tomato? It's all about the taste, texture, and generous yield. And for us Brits, battling our often unpredictable weather, disease resistance and robustness are non-negotiable for our tomato plants.

Popular Varieties in the UK

Tomato Orangeto
Tomato Orangeto

A sweet cherry, blight resistant bush variety for pots and tubs.....

Growth Habit - Large Bush

Average Packet Contents : 10 seeds

Tomato Golden Bumble Bee
Tomato Golden Bumble Bee

Produces striking Golden yellow fruits with.....

Growth Habit - Cordon.

Average Packet Contents : 10 seeds

Tomato Katiebell
Tomato Katiebell

Katiebell is a baby plum tomato with outstanding flavour.....

Growth Habit - Cordon.

Average Packet Contents : 10 seeds

Tomato Honeycomb
Tomato Honeycomb

Honeycomb is an sweet tasting orange coloured cherry......

Growth Habit - Corden.

Average Packet Contents : 10 seeds

Tomato Sungold
Tomato Sungold

The 'Sungold' tomato is a popular cherry variety celebrated for its exceptional sweetness and vibrant golden-orange colour. The small, cherry sized fruits are known for their very sweet and fruity taste, often considered one of the best among cherry tomatoes...

Growth Habit - Cordon.

These varieties have snagged the spotlight for good reason. They're the Best when it comes to flavour, yield, and resilience. You'll find a lot of love for the 'Sungold' with its candy-like sweetness and 'Honeycomb', which is as delectable as it sounds.

Sourcing Quality Seeds or Plants

To kick off your garden adventure, you'll need to snag the finest seeds or plants. This is where SimplySeed steps in. We're your go-to for seeds that grow into luscious, healthy plants. With a variety like the best selling 'Sungold', you're in for a treat.

Growing Orange Cherry Tomatoes in the UK

Orange cherry tomatoes, with their unique colour and sweet taste, are just as easy to grow as their red cousins. Here’s how you can raise these little bursts of sunshine in your own garden.

Best Practices for Cultivation

Starting off, tomato seeds should be sown in early spring. Begin indoors to protect them from late frosts. A well-draining soil mix, rich in organic matter, will set the stage for healthy growth. After germination, seedlings need plenty of light and a bit of a breeze to strengthen their stems. Once the risk of frost has passed, it's time to move your plants outside.

Spacing is key. Give each tomato plant about 14-20 inches apart to ensure adequate air circulation. This helps prevent diseases. Staking your plants early on is crucial because it supports them as they grow and bear fruit. You can use cages, stakes, or trellises.

Pests and Disease Management

Pests, such as aphids and whiteflies, can be controlled with a strong jet of water or insecticidal soap. Blight and leaf spot are common diseases that need attention.

  • Rotate your crops. Don’t plant tomatoes in the same spot each year.
  • Mulch. This keeps the soil moist and disease-free.
  • Prune. Remove lower leaves to prevent soil-borne diseases from splashing up.

Harvesting and Post-Harvest Care

Harvest time is when your tomatoes are a bright orange and firm to the touch. Gently twist them off the vine or use a pair of scissors to avoid damaging the plant.

After picking, avoid refrigerating as it can diminish their flavour. Store them at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. If you have too many to use at once, consider freezing them for later use in cooking.

List of post-harvest tips:

  • Check regularly for ripeness
  • Use up the softer ones first
  • Share with friends or neighbours

Growing these delightful tomatoes brings a sense of achievement, and they taste even better when you've nurtured them from seed. On that note, for those looking to enhance their cultivation game, there are always new tips and tricks to learn. For instance, companion planting Marigolds can be a natural way to boost your tomato plants' health and yield without resorting to harsh chemicals. So stay curious and keep experimenting with your garden practices to see what works best for you and your little orange gems.

Frequently Asked Questions about The Best Small Orange Cherry Tomatoes in the UK

What are the top varieties of small orange cherry tomatoes available in the UK?

The top varieties of small orange cherry tomatoes in the UK include 'Sungold', 'Honeycomb', 'Tomato Golden Bumblebee', and 'Tomato Orangeto'. These varieties are prized for their sweet flavour, vibrant colour, and overall quality.

When is the best time to plant small orange cherry tomatoes in the UK?

The best time to plant small orange cherry tomatoes in the UK is from late March to early April if you are starting them indoors, or May to early June if you are planting them outside after the risk of frost has passed.

How do I care for small orange cherry tomato plants?

To care for small orange cherry tomato plants, provide them with a warm, sunny spot, regular watering, and support for their stems as they grow. Additionally, feed them with a tomato fertiliser once they start flowering and ensure good air circulation to prevent diseases.

Can small orange cherry tomatoes be grown in containers?

Yes, small orange cherry tomatoes are well-suited to container gardening. Choose a pot that is at least 30 cm in diameter and has good drainage. Ensure that the plants receive adequate water and nutrients, as containers can dry out faster than garden soil.

How long does it take for small orange cherry tomatoes to ripen?

Small orange cherry tomatoes typically take between 60 to 75 days to ripen after transplanting, depending on the variety and growing conditions. Consistent warmth and sunlight will aid in the ripening process.

How can I tell when small orange cherry tomatoes are ripe and ready to pick?

Small orange cherry tomatoes are ripe when they have reached their full orange colour and are slightly soft to the touch. The skin should be taut and glossy, and the fruit should come off the vine easily.

What are some common problems when growing small orange cherry tomatoes in the UK?

Common problems when growing small orange cherry tomatoes in the UK include blight, blossom end rot, and pests like aphids and whiteflies. These issues can be mitigated by using resistant varieties, maintaining good plant health, and practicing proper garden hygiene.


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