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Packet of Tomato Sungold SeedsTomato Sungold is an award-winning tomato variety that is loved by gardeners and foodies alike. With its sweet, fruity flavour and bright, golden-orange colour, Sungold is a tomato that has a reputation to impress.

Sungold tomatoes are cherry-sized and have a thin, delicate skin that gives way to a juicy, flavourful flesh. These tomatoes are just bursting with flavour, with a very sweet taste. Their bright orange color adds a vibrant pop of color to salads and other dishes.

In addition to their delicious taste, Sungold tomatoes are also highly productive. They have a long harvest season, producing an abundance of fruit from early-summer to Autumn. This makes them an ideal choice for home gardeners who want a continuous supply of fresh, ripe tomatoes throughout the season.

Whether you are a seasoned gardener or just starting out, Sungold tomatoes are a must-try variety for anyone. They are considered by many to be the best of the best for taste. If they make it back to the kitchen, they are great in salads.

Best grown in the greenhouse, but can be used for planting outdoors later in the season.

Average Packet Contents: 10 Seeds

Tomato Sungold Grow Notes
When to Sow Seeds: Feb to May - In cell trays with a bit of heat to get started.
Germination Temperature: 18 ℃ Cover Seeds: Yes
Time to Germination: 7 - 10 Days Frost Hardy: No, provide frost protection.
Spacing Between Plants: 50cm Growth Habit: Cordon
Plant Height: 180cm Planting Position: Sun


Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Plant Out:                        

General Tomato growing tips for plants with cordon habit.

A crop of Sungold tomatoes takes around 13 - 14 weeks from seed to first harvest, being one of the earliest to fruit. Although you can sow seed from as early as late December in a heated greenhouse, it is more usual to sow in a unheated greenhouse or on the kitchen windowsill in March / April for planting out April / May.


  • Sow the tomato seeds individually in cell trays, using a good quality seed compost. Lightly cover over and keep moist at a temperature of 18 degrees. Seedlings should start showing around 7 days if you have the right temperature.

  • Prick out into 9cm pots once the seedlings are big enough.

  • When the plants have reached 2 trues leaves, begin feeding weekly with a weak tomato feed.

Growing On

  • Once the plants are 20cm tall, they can be planted in their final positions. Because tomatoes like the warmth you will always get a earlier and bigger crop from greenhouse grown plants.

  • Greenhouse grown plants can be planted April onwards. Plants for outside should be hardened off, before planting out. Plant under cloches in early May, otherwise leave till June and plant out then. Again this will all depend on weather and risk of frost!

  • Carry on feeding weekly. Increase the strength of the feed as the plant grows. We believe lack of feed is the main reason that people fail in growing a decent crop of tomatoes. The feed should include a balance of Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus (NPK) and ideally should include Trace Elements as well.

  • Being a cordon variety Tomato Sungold will need support as it grows. String can be used, tied firmly to a strong support wire above and tied loosely around the base of the plant. The plants are then twisted round the string as they grow. The direction of twisting doesn’t matter, but be consistent; otherwise you will untwist the ones you did earlier! Canes can be used, but be careful that heavily loaded plants may slide down unless tied securely. At the same time make sure you don’t strangle the plant stems.

  • Other Tasks.

    Sideshoots should be removed regularly before they get large. It should be possible to do this by hand but if they get too big a knife or secateurs should be used. Some leaves may need to be removed if very congested and old leaves should be removed from the bottom of the plant as they begin to age. They should snap out like sideshoots. Doing this will also allow easier picking off ripen fruits and reduce disease risk.

  • Pests & Diseases.

    The worst pest for many will be White Fly. Try to avoid it by making sure there is none in the greenhouse in the first place. Many sprays are sold but the pest is not easy to control. SB Plant Invigorator is one of the best and tends to reduce White Fly and aphids, whilst at the same time giving a light feed of nitrogen.

    The major disease under glass is Botrytis or Grey Mould. The spores are everywhere so there is no way to keep it out, but it needs a film of moisture and warmth to develop. Good ventilation and good hygiene can do a great deal to keep it at bay. A fungicide can be used if needed.

    Although largely a disease of outdoor tomatoes, Potato Blight can be a problem under glass in some years.


  • Tomato fruits ripen in response to warmth, so during cold weather or late in the season they will ripen very slowly. At the end of the season green fruit may be ripened indoors; keep them warm. Direct sunlight contributes little to ripening and too much may well damage the fruit.

  • Ethylene is involved in ripening and this is given off by ripening Bananas, and the tale that keeping unripe Tomatoes next to ripening Bananas will help, is true- up to a point.

Remember! Beware of frost - Sungold tomato plants are not hardy.

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Customer Reviews
Tomato Sungold
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17 Reviews:

Great flavour - our favourite!
30 August 2020  |  Lynne

An unbeatable cherry tomato, early to crop under glass, wonderful flavour and skin doesn’t easily split.

VERY impressive
30 September 2017  |  David

I have 5 plants growing outside and they have done extremely well. they're still producing, October tomorrow, but the rain has not helped as they now split as soon as they're ripe so i'm harvesting slightly early and putting them on a windowsill. i'll definitely put several in the greenhouse next year. very sweet taste!

26 February 2017  |  Alastair

For 10 years I grew early long-season heated tomatoes professionally, 12 acres of greenhouses,120,000 plants a year. Now I only have a small greenhouse this is the only variety I grow. Tried everything else, but this is unbeatable still.

my only tomato
28 February 2016  |  Frances

Last year I grew just this one, sungold, and have no regrets. It is harder to grow huge crop here in far north of England, but I sunk 3 plants in pots into the garden last summer and lifted them in September and they continued fruiting in the conservatory till November.

Sungold sweets
21 August 2015  |  Stephen

Best tomato just to use as a sweet snack at work or for the kids. Great taste with no tough skins.

A must have variety
15 February 2015  |  Mike

I have to say since trying these cherry tomatoes some years back I have had to completely rethink what a good tomato tastes like, these are sublime, sweet juicy and if you're like me they won't make it to the kitchen...gardeners perks!

Blight resistant, delicious toms
08 January 2015  |  Philip

Grew these last year, and despite late planting they still cropped heavily. Alternative variety in pots grown directly adjacent to Sungold got late blight, but these were completely unaffected!

Simply the best
15 December 2014  |  Andrew

Easily the sweetest and tastiest cherry-type tomatoes I've grown and eaten over the last 10 years. Our kids & their friends eat them like sweets. Added bonus of being a heavy cropper and one of the least susceptible to blight

Delicious, productive, slug resistant
02 November 2014  |  M

I've tried about 10 varieties in the last couple of years, Sungold definitely the best. The kids (and I) eat them instantly in vast quantities. The slugs hardly seem to touch them (despite feasting on other neighbouring varieties)

Delicious and full of flavour
01 March 2014  |  Jodie

I like Sungold better than any other variety I've grown - I'm not even going to bother with other varieties any more because they always disappoint when compared to Sungold.

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