Sowing Cucumbers from Seed

Monday, 4 March 2013  |  SimplySeed

We have taken the first of several batches of cucumbers out of the germination room this week, and we are really pleased with the germination. Pictures below of three of the varieties - these are five days since sowing.

For most people, sowing in April is early enough as Cucumbers do not like the cold, especially frosts and cold winds which will kill them dead! So find the last frost date in your area and sow about 4 weeks earlier so you have plants ready for planting around that time.


Cucumber Iznik
- virtually 100% germination

Cucumber Passandra
- Virtually 100% germination.

Cucumber Femspot
- 96% Germination - still good going.

 How we sow Cucumber Seeds. 

Mostly, people will tell you to sow cucumbers on their side. Just to be difficult we do it differently, and sow the cucumber seed on end.

Firstly, it is important to realise that there is a right end and wrong end to the seed. Each seed has a 'sharp point' where it was attached to the fruit, and a 'blunt end'. (See the picture to the right.)

The 'sharp end' is the end that wants to be pointing upwards. Take the seed between 2 finger nails and push the blunt end in to the compost until it is half in / half out - and that's it!


We sow into the small peat pellets, and you may find it easier to do the same although sowing into small pots will be fine. We like to do this as it means we can pot them on into larger pot when we want, we are not waiting for roots to make a rootball first.

Once sown, water and place in a warm location - and we mean warm - remember cucumbers are from the tropics.

In 5 to 7 days the seedlings will start up show and push themelves out the compost. Move them somewhere where they will get plenty of light, but still keep them warm, frost free and feed once a week. If you have sown in a peat pellet they will need potting on after 2 weeks, else the plants will be ready to plant out in their final growing position about 4 weeks after sowing, so time it to the last frosts in your area.


Remember if you are going to sow Cucumber Seeds - The plants are not hardy, you'll need to provide good frost protection.

Have you got any Cucumber Growing Tips? Leave a comment below and let everyone know....


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