Storing Seed Potatoes after Delivery.

Storing Seed Potatoes after Delivery.

Whilst at SimplySeed all seed potatoes are stored in optimum conditions in our cold store.

Once out of store and in warmer conditions dormancy will be broken and the shoots will start to grow. This sprouting is natural, however a number of steps can be taken to slow down the process:

  • On arrival unpack your order from the box. For our own packing we tend to pack into net bags for better ventilation. Spacing into egg boxes is just ideal. You may find the seed potatoes are damp on arrival. Seed potatoes naturally respire when subject to movement (ie during delivery) and to changes in temperature. This is entirely natural. Given a few hours out the box they will dry out and be absolutely fine.
  • Store in as cool a place as possible without risking exposure to frost. Temperatures above 10c will encourage the potatoes to grow rapidly, so try and avoid this. A garage is an ideal place, especially by a window for some light.
  • A dry atmosphere will be beneficial to avoid any bacterial and fungal problems before planting.
  • Check and turn regularly to allow the light to reach all seeds. If there are any weak white shoots, you can knock these off and it will slow growth down. The potato will form new stronger shoots which will grow more slowly.


Usually tubers will be delivered dormant and firm, however occasionally you may see some early sprouting, weak white roots of varying length. The tuber themselves will be fine.

Early Varieties - in the absence of light produce a single white elongated sprout, the tips of which are susceptible to atmospheric bacteria which turn / black/brown. when knocked off the potato starts to sprout again, producing a healthy sprout, more slowly.

Maincrop Varieties - These when delivered can often be beginning to sprout, especially later deliveries in March. Basically you will see white spots on the eyes of the tuber - these are the 'eyes opening'.

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