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Cress Seeds

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Packet of Cress SeedsThis is the common variety of Cress seeds that is quick and easy to grow indoors, and can be sown all year round.

Grow on damp kitchen tissue in small fruit punnets on the windowsill. Sow a punnet of seeds every couple of weeks for continuous cropping. From sowing to cutting tends to take 14 days.

Cress couldn't be easier to grow, and this is an ideal variety for kids to get started in growing by for use in egg and cress sandwiches.

At approx 350 seeds per g, 40g will give approx. 14000 seeds.

Average Packet Contents: 40g Seeds

Cress Seeds Grow Notes
When to Sow Seeds: Inside - All Year Round
Germination Temperature: 12 ℃ Cover Seeds: Not necessary
Time to Germination: 5 Days Frost Hardy: No
Spacing Between Plants: Broadcast in trays Row Spacing: N/A
Plant Height: Pick when young Planting Position: In good light

How to Successfully Grow Cress Seeds

The Common Curled Cress is often added to salads and sandwiches and used as a garnish. It is so quick and easy to grow, a child could do it. In fact, many of them do, especially when learning about plants and germination during biology lessons at school. Common cress is the easiest to grow and can be grown indoors and outdoors, providing an all year round supply.

It needs very little attention apart from ensuring the tiny plants are kept moist at all times. Cress is packed full of vitamin C, Vitamin K and antioxidants making it a useful additional to your regular healthy food intake.

Growing cress from seed without soil

Common cress can be grown on paper kitchen towels, tissue paper or cotton wool. It is most often grown in punnets or shallow trays and even in egg boxes for creating fun “cress heads”. The plants just need to anchor their roots and take up water in order to grow. However, plants grown on compost will take up more nutrients and therefore will have more value in terms of flavour and yield.

To grow indoors, simply line a punnet or tray with wet tissue or cotton wool. Then evenly sprinkle the cress seed over the base. Press the seed into the tissue or cotton wool and then cover the punnet or tray with cling film. Place the tray on a warm windowsill where it can access full light. The seeds will usually germinate within 24-36 hours. If they do need to be watered then it’s best to use a spray of water rather than a watering can.

After about 5-7 days the cress shoots will be around 3-5cm high and can be harvested using a pair of scissors to snip off the shoots.

Growing cress from seed with soil

If you prefer bigger, healthier plants that are tastier and more nutritious then growing cress on the surface of a potting compost is the answer. Simply line a punnet, tray or pot with compost and ensure it is well wetted. Allow it to drain and then firmly press down the surface of the compost using a board. Scatter the seeds evenly over the wet compost and lightly press onto the surface of the compost.

Cover the trays with cling film and leave in a warm place until the plants have grown up to the cling film. Remove the film and then gently spray water over the plants, taking care not to disturb the surface of the compost. Try to avoid any compost coming into contact with the leaves.

You can harvest the feathered foliage using a pair of scissors when the plants are about 12cm-15cm. The leaves have a delightfully distinguished mustard taste.

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