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Sugar Snap Lusaka is a high yielding sugar snap pea that has been bred to be stringless at the point of picking.

Lusaka has a long harvest window and excellent flavour.

The plant grows to around 1m in height, so will need support. The medium green pods which are produced in clusters of pods, are best picked when 8 - 9cm in length.

Average Packet Contents: 40g seeds

Pea Sugar Snap Lusaka Grow Notes
When to Sow Seeds: March to June - In trays or direct sown outside
Germination Temperature: 15 ℃ Cover Seeds: Yes
Time to Germination: 7 Days Frost Hardy: Best protected during cold weather
Spacing Between Plants: 5cm, sow in a double row Row Spacing: 50cm.
Plant Height: 100 - 120cm Planting Position: Sun


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General Sugar Snap Growing Tips


Your peas will require a sunny, position with well-drained but rich soil. Ideally, the ground would be dug and manured the autumn before sowing, but if you have good garden soil, a thin dressing of good garden compost just before sowing is adequate.


Sugar Snap Pea Lusaka is a variety that is best sown in the spring. For best results wait until the soil has warmed up, usually from around the middle of March - June, depending where you live. Covering the area to be sown during the early Spring will help warm up the soil, and may enable you to bring forward sowing by a couple of weeks.

Peas grow fast, and the plants will not crop all season, so it is best to make successive sowings every 4 weeks. Very early sowings of peas will benefit from protection from both the weather and mice on the look out for food - pea seeds being a favourite!

Starting Pea Seeds Indoors: To grow an early crop many people sow seeds in a length of gutter. Place in a greenhouse or cold frame. The plants can be planted out into the garden once the seedlings have established and the weather is warmer, by gently sliding the pea seedlings into it.

Sowing Direct: You will get best results from pea seeds by sowing direct into the growing position. However if you sow too early into cold or wet conditions the seeds will rot. It is best to wait a few weeks to enable the soil to warm up if direct sowing, rather than rush and lose your crop.

Sow seed in a single row 5 to 10cm (2 to 4in) apart, ensuring there is enough space for plant supports. Make a single V-shaped drill, 5cm (2in) deep, water the base of the drill and sow the peas. A second row can be added, as long as it’s 30cm (12in) away from the first drill. Backfill over the seed and water your peas well after sowing, and then leave them - except in very dry weather - until they flower, when they should have a really good soak to encourage good pod formation. Keep them weeded until well established.

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Customer Reviews
Pea Sugar Snap Lusaka
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4 Reviews:

sweet flavour
18 December 2014  |  Miriam

i adore these peas and was surprised how versatile they are.x

Super snaps!
24 February 2014  |  Willow

This has to be one of the most versatile and tasty pea varieties, fairly easy to grow, as they get bigger any extra shoots can be eaten as pea shoots, then they can be harvested early as 'mangetout', then as sweet sugar snaps and later, when they get a bit big - as peas. All nice and tasty, can grow quite close together too. One of our best crops, most eaten by the children before they get indoors!

Tasty Sugar Snaps
25 November 2013  |  Helen

Really tasty - straight off the plant, or steamed lightly, they provided peas for a long period (with successional sowing). Recommended.

Sugar snap pea
18 February 2013  |  Susan

The best tasting vegetable I have ever tried. The plants do not like very dry weather, and do not give such heavy crops as the flat mange tout, but it is worth it for the lightly cooked peas. Let the pods get nicely swollen for the best flavour.