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Packet of French Bean Cobra SeedsFrench Bean Cobra is a very high quality bean with a long harvest period, that is becoming more popular with amateur growers.

This variety produces long, round pods which remain very straight and have a bright green, smooth surface. Pods are 20cm x 7-9mm, and black-seeded and stringless.

A climbing variety - needs cane support whilst growing.

Average Packet Contents: 40 Seeds

French Bean Cobra Grow Notes
When to Sow Seeds: April - In Cell Trays. May / June - Cell Trays or Outside
Germination Temperature: 16 - 18 ℃ Cover Seeds: Yes
Time to Germination: 7 - 10 Days Frost Hardy: No
Spacing Between Plants: 30cm Row Spacing: 50cm
Plant Height: 180cm Planting Position: Sun
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Plant Out:                        

How to Grow Cobra French Beans from Seeds

Seed sowing

Sow the French Bean Seeds in 7.5cm pots or modular trays of multi-purpose compost under cover during late April or early May. Ensure the seeds are covered to a depth of 4cm. Apply water and cover the pots with glass or polythene until they have germinated, which can take around 7-10 days. Alternatively, sow seeds direct to their positions in late May or through June after all threat of frost has passed. Create a support structure from canes or ‘bean sticks’ and sow 2 seeds at the base of each support, which should be 30cm apart. Cover the seeds and water well.     

Growing in beds outdoors

Growing beds should be prepared well in advance incorporating plenty of organic matter. Climbing French beans need sturdy supports as they will grow to 180cm or more. For that reason they are not suitable for growing in containers. In small gardens, allotment plots or where a lesser supply of beans might be required, create a ’wigwam’ style support.

For long rows, create 2 sturdy end supports with intermediate uprights inserted into the ground at 30cm intervals and fixed at the top with string or canes. If growing a double row then allow 50cm spacing. Plants that have been grown under cover can be planted out individually to the base of supports after hardening off in June.

General aftercare

Keep the areas around the base of plants free from weeds and water the plants frequently especially as the seed pods are setting and swelling. Remove any leaves that might show signs of yellowing. 

Harvesting & storage

Pick the beans regularly to encourage more fresh new beans. Harvest them when they are young and tender and don’t allow them to become old and stringy. If picked regularly, you can continue to harvest right up to the first frost. If beans are left on the plant, this will encourage the plant to stop production. After picking, they will keep in a refrigerator for a few days but can also be blanched and frozen for up to 9 months.

Pest & diseases

Apply slug and snail deterrents such as beer traps, crushed egg shells or coarse grit around the base of each plant. Black fly can be particularly troublesome during the months of July and August so plan on planting companion plants such as marigolds, that will attract ladybirds and lacewing, which feed enthusiastically on these pests. You can also apply a jet of water direct to the insects when first seen but take care not to damage the flowers.

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Customer Reviews
French Bean Cobra
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6 Reviews:

Cobra French beans
07 July 2022  |  Peter

Not only very prolific and tasty, at the end of the season we harvest loads of mature beans and dry the seeds. Although black they cook just like haricot beans

I'm a convert
12 May 2016  |  Richard

I usually grew dwarf beans but these were so simple and productive the last two years I will be using them again this year. I just used slightly shorter canes than runner beans and ended up picking them all autumn.

Easy. Great crop
02 November 2014  |  M

Grown for a couple of years. Will certainly repeat. 6 plants seems to keep us in beans for months. Good cooked, though I prefer purple cascade raw.

Cobra Climbing Frech Beans
25 April 2014  |  Charles

Have cropped well over past two years, even better than Blue Lake. Lovely fresh but also freeze well. Highly recommeded

Best crop on Allotment!
09 April 2013  |  Colleen

This is my third year with Cobra-they even grew well last year through constant rain and wind once hosepipe ban was introduced! Most others are growing this variety now as they crop so well and taste delicious. Chopped up comfrey really made a difference to the amount produced too.

The only survivors from last season
03 January 2013  |  Phil

Grew these for the first time last season along with 2 other varieties, these were the only ones to survive the cold,wet, windy late spring we had so I'm growing these exclusively this year.