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Monday, 08/08/2022
Elephant Garlic  - 500g Bulk Pack
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Elephant Garlic Cloves


We start despatching after: 30/09/2022  

We start despatching after: 30/09/2022

500g Pack, commercial grade Elephant Garlic Cloves : (allium ampeloprasum).

Harvested green in June, it will be dry by mid July.

A fun member of the allium family, Elephant garlic can grow, with adequate water, to 150mm across and weigh over a kilo.

Roast it and impress your friends. It has a warm mild garlic flavour but is increasingly popular with those who like to make a statement in their cooking.

For best results plant September / October.



Elephant garlic isn’t actually garlic. It is different, more closely related to the leek, and has a different growing requirements. To get those big cloves, you need to wait two years between planting the seed garlic and harvesting the plant. If you harvest after one year, you’ll get a solid bulb that hasn’t produced any cloves and is only marginally smaller than normal garlic.

Elephant Garlic - 500g Bulk Pack Grow Notes
When to Plant Cloves: End of September to Mid November - Best sown direct outside
Germination Temperature: 12 ℃ Cover Clove: Plant 5cm Deep
Time to Shooting: Up to 6 weeks Frost Hardy: Yes, Once bigger
Spacing Between Plants: 25 / 30cm Row Spacing: 25 / 30cm
Plant Height: 50cm Planting Position: Sun

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We start despatching after: 30/09/2022  We start despatching after: 30/09/2022

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