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CocoBoost 15L Peat Free All Purpose Compost

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CocoBoost All Purpose Peat Free Compost - 15L

You'll find that every 15L brick of CocoBoost All Purpose Peat Free Compost offers an unparalleled blend of quality and performance for your gardening needs. Comprised of 100% natural coir, it is packed with balanced slow-release fertiliser, which feeds your plants for up to half a year, reducing the need for frequent replanting.

What sets CocoBoost apart is its exceptional aeration, promoting robust root development essential for thriving plants. The pH and nutrient balance is adjusted to ensure optimal growth conditions, catering to a wide range of plants, except those preferring acidic soils.

Usage Instructions

To use CocoBoost effectively, always begin by soaking the compressed block in water before planting. This essential first step ensures that the coir fibers expand to their full capacity, creating an ideal structure for plant roots to thrive. Take the block and place it in a large container, then pour 4 - 5 litres of warm water over it. Wait until the coir has fully absorbed the water, which typically takes about 20 minutes.

Once the block has expanded, fluff up the moist compost to introduce air pockets, which are vital for root growth and drainage. Make sure the compost is evenly moistened but not waterlogged.

When the CocoBoost is ready, fill your pots or containers to just below the rim, leaving space for watering. Plant your seedlings, ensuring they're at the correct depth as per their specific needs. Water gently to settle the roots and compost around them.

Key Benefits

With CocoBoost, you're choosing a compost that not only nourishes your plants with essential nutrients and promotes robust root development, but also supports the planet with its peat-free composition. This all-purpose compost is crafted from renewable coir fibers, an organic byproduct of coconut husks.

The technical advantages of CocoBoost are many. Its unique structure ensures excellent aeration and drainage, essential for preventing root rot and disease. The compost's pH and nutrient balance, including an added NPK fertiliser, creates an optimal growing environment, releasing food gradually over six months. This slow-release mechanism ensures that your plants receive consistent nutrition without the risk of overfeeding.

Moreover, CocoBoost's peat-free formula isn't only environmentally friendly but also superior in promoting beneficial microbial activity in the soil. These microbes play a crucial role in breaking down organic matter into nutrients that plants can easily absorb. As a result, you'll see a noticeable improvement in plant health and yield, whether you're nurturing ornamentals or growing your own produce.

Embrace CocoBoost for its eco-conscious approach to gardening without compromising on performance. Your plants, and the planet, will thank you.

Specifications and Packaging

Your CocoBoost compost arrives in a compact, recyclable brick form, measuring 20cm x 5cm x 20cm and weighing 1KG before expansion.


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