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Packet of Courgette Sure Thing SeedsCourgette Sure Thing is a very high yielding variety. Being parthenocarpic the plants will bear fruit early in cool, cloudy conditions typical of the UK summer even when there are few bees or male flowers around.

This is a compact and open plant habit, and suits well to small gardens and container growing.

The fruits themselves are smooth, bright green in colour and are best picked when typically 15cm in length, they have a stronger taste than most other courgettes that goes well with other veg.

Sure Thing has good resistance to disease. A well recommended variety.

Average Packet Contents: 10 Seeds

Courgette Sure Thing Grow Notes
When to Sow Seeds: April to June - In cell trays with heat to get started.
Germination Temperature: 18 ℃ + Cover Seeds: Lightly
Time to Germination: 5 - 7 Days Frost Hardy: No, provide frost protection.
Spacing Between Plants: 90cm Growth Habit: Compact
Plant Height: 70cm + Planting Position:



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General Courgette Growing Tips

Courgettes belong to the same family of vegetables as squashes and pumpkins. From seed to harvesting, you can plant and start picking in as little as 6 weeks. Courgette plants are prolific and will grow in abundance almost anywhere - chances are you will end up giving away many of the vegetables to family and friends because you will have more courgettes than you care to eat.

  • We recommend sowing into pots and then planting out after the risk of frost has past. Fill a 9 cm pot with good compost and place the seed approx. 1cm deep, water and place then pot in warm position.
  • After a week you should see the first leaves emerging. Move to a light but frost free position and grow on until big enough to plant out.
  • Before planting hoe the garden patch to loosen and aerate the soil. Once planted water in well, then water again every other day until the plants are established.
  • Avoid using too much fertilizer, Courgettes are so robust that over fertilizing the plants could cause them to take over your garden, whilst producing only a few fruits.
  • Prune the plants once the vegetables begin to develop. Remove offshoots from the main vines and some of the leaves to let in more sunlight. This diverts plant energy to the developing vegetables.
  • Courgettes are best harvested when they are about 15cm long and still tender.
  • The main problem you may encounter is mildew - usually from September onwards.

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2 Reviews:

Will be buying again!
22 July 2021  |  Sara

I don't normally have a lot of success with courgettes but have been really impressed with this variety. The plants have developed well, and have grown in to lovely, compact plants. In previous years with other varieties the flowers haven't set properly, they have developed mildew and had all sorts of issues - but this year my courgette plants look super healthy. I've made myself a diary note to buy this variety again next year. Highly recommended.

Courgette Sure Thing
02 October 2019  |  Sue

Good germination and a brilliant cropper. The plants are quite large so need a bit of space but they do not trail all over the place. Well worth growing.

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