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Packet of Beetroot Cylindra SeedsBeetroot Cylindra as the name suggests produces a long, slim, cylindrical shaped beetroot, with a dark red colour to both the outer smooth skin and the inner sweet tasting flesh. This is the variety to grow for slicing.

This is one of our favourites - sow little and often, and you will be picking the roots over several months from July onwards.

Average Packet Contents: 200 Seeds


Beetroot Cylindra Grow Notes
When to Sow Seeds: April / May / June - Cell Trays or Outside
Germination Temperature: 12 ℃ Cover Seeds: Yes
Time to Germination: 5 - 7 Days Frost Hardy: Yes, Once bigger
Spacing Between Plants: 10cm Row Spacing: 30cm
Plant Height: 45cm Planting Position: Sun


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General Beetroot Growing Tips

Beetroot is an easy crop to grow. The roots are best picked when young and cooked fresh. Pickling is another option. If roots are stored in winter you can have beetroot almost all year round.

  • Sow the beetroot seeds from early April under cloches, or if sowing in the open from mid-April to July for a regular supply of tasty roots. Sowings made from June onwards can be also be used for storing for winter use.
  • Alternatively, sow into large cell trays and plant out when ready.
  • If sowing direct in the ground, sow approx 2cm deep with a 10cm spacing in the rows, the rows should be around 30cm apart.
  • Dry soil will lead to woody roots, so water well and make sure the soil is always moist.
  • Protect early seedlings with fleece if a cold spell is forecast. Young beetroot plants are sensitive to cold and could bolt to seed early. There are bolt resistant varieties available and these should be your first choice for early sowings.
  • Feed every other week.
  • Do not let the beetroot get too big as this will reduce taste and quality.

Customer Reviews
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1 Review:

Brilliant pickling Beetroot
10 January 2015  |  Cliff

Great beetroot which grows 6 to 8in tall in almost perfect cylinders about 2 to 3 inches in diameter which makes them easy to slice. They do take a bit longer to grow than normal globe beetroot but because they tend to grow upward instead of outward you can get a lot more crop out of a small area. Even at 6 inches tall they do not seem to go woody and are a nice sweet beetroot with good texture and well worth growing. They do not seem to bolt any more than Bolthardy and very good for pickling. Perhaps worth growing some other variety for baby beets and Cylindra for pickling.

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