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Tomato Tumbling Tom Yellow is a vibrant and flavourful tomato variety that is perfect for any garden! This trailing tomato variety is perfect for growing in containers or hanging baskets, as it produces long, cascading vines that are filled with clusters of small, juicy, and delicious fruits.

The Tumbling Tom Yellow Tomato is a determinate variety, which means that it will produce a good crop of ripe, golden-yellow fruits over a relatively short period of time. The fruits themselves are a beautiful golden-yellow colour, adding a pop of sunshine to any dish. Each  measuring 2 - 3cm in diameter, they have a deliciously sweet and slightly acidic flavour, making them perfect for salads, salsas, sauces, or simply enjoying as a snack.

This variety is incredibly easy to grow and requires minimal maintenance, making it an excellent choice for beginner gardeners or those with limited space. It can be grown in full sun and with a little care and attention, you can look forward to a bountiful harvest of tasty Tumbling Tom Yellow Tomatoes. A slower grower than the red version.

Plant in containers as well as Hanging Baskets. For planting outdoors, but just as good in the greenhouse.

Average Packet Contents: 12 Seeds

Tomato Tumbling Tom Yellow Grow Notes
When to Sow Seeds: Late March to Early June - In cell trays with a bit of heat to get started.
Germination Temperature: 18 ℃ Cover Seeds: Yes
Time to Germination: 7 - 10 Days Frost Hardy: No, provide frost protection.
Container Size:

25cm and under - 1 Plant
30cm and above - 3 Plants

Growth Habit: Trailing
Plant Height: 30cm Planting Position: Sun


Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Plant Out:                        

Growing Tomatoes in hanging baskets - growing tips for trailing tomato plants.

A crop of tumbling tom yellow tomatoes takes around 12 weeks from seed to first harvest. Although you can sow seed from as early as late December for growing in a heated greenhouse, it is more usual to sow this variety in a unheated greenhouse or on the kitchen windowsill in March - April for planting outside in containers in May.


  • Sow the tomato seed individually in cell trays, using a good quality seed compost. Lightly cover over and keep moist at a temperature of 18 degrees. Seedlings should start showing around 7 days if you have the right temperature.

  • Pot into 9cm pots once the seedlings are big enough.

  • When the plants have reached 2 trues leaves, begin feeding weekly with a weak tomato feed.

Growing On

  • Once the plants are 10cm tall, they can be planted in the hanging basket or container. Use 1 plant for a 25cm basket or 3 in a 35cm basket. Because tomatoes like the warmth you will always get a earlier and bigger crop from greenhouse grown plants.

  • Greenhouse grown plants can be planted April onwards. Plants for outside should be hardened off, before planting out. Plants placed out in early May will need to be protected against any frosts, otherwise leave a few weeks ad plant out then. Again this will all depend on weather and risk of frost!

  • Carry on feeding weekly. Increase the strenght of the feed as the plant grows. We believe lack of feed is the main reason that people fail in growing a decent crop of tomatoes. The feed should include a balance of Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus (NPK) and ideally should include Trace Elements as well.

  • Being a trailing variety Tomato tumbling tom yellow does not need any support as it grows.

  • Pests & Diseases.

    The worst pest for many will be White Fly and Green Fly. Many sprays are sold but the pest is not easy to control. SB Plant Invigorator is one of the best and tends to reduce White Fly and aphids, whilst at the same time giving a light feed of nitrogen.

    The major disease under glass is Botrytis or Grey Mould. The spores are everywhere so there is no way to keep it out, but it needs a film of moisture and warmth to develop. Good ventilation and good hygiene can do a great deal to keep it at bay. A fungicide can be used if needed.

    Although largely a disease of outdoor tomatoes, Potato Blight can be a problem under glass in some years.


  • Tomato fruits ripen in response to warmth, so during cold weather or late in the season they will ripen very slowly. At the end of the season green fruit may be ripened indoors; keep them warm. Direct sunlight contributes little to ripening and too much may well damage the fruit.

  • Ethylene is involved in ripening and this is given off by ripening Bananas, and the tale that keeping unripe Tomatoes next to ripening Bananas will help, is true- up to a point.

Remember! Beware of frost - Tumbling Tom tomato plants are not hardy.

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Tomato Tumbling Tom Yellow
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2 Reviews:

Sweet tomatos
10 January 2017  |  Sharon

Loved these tomatoes, so sweet and lots of them and great to grow in a hanging basket

Colourful and Sweet
07 March 2013  |  Tori

I was given these seeds last year and planted them in one of my hanging baskets. They produced lovely trailing stems heavy with delicious cherry toms. Most of them didn't make it to the kitchen as I kept eating them like sweeties each time I passed!