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Veg Seeds Our 9 Must Grow Varieties Collection
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Recommended Vegetable Seeds Variety Collection - 9 Must Grow Varieties


Sorry, we are currently out of stock  

Sorry, we are currently out of stock

A collection of seeds that are have proven themselves over the last couple of years growing by the simplyseed team and come highly recommended.

Why not use this collection as a 'base' for your order and add any extras you require!

See individual listings for full variety guidelines.

This Collection contains 1 packet of each of the following, as advertised in Kitchen Garden and Grow Your Own Magazines:

Sowing Guidelines
When to Sow Seeds: Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun
Germination Temperature: Depends
Cover Seed: Yes
Time to Germinate: 7 - 14 Days
Frost Hardy: No
Spacing Between Plants: 10cm
Row Spacing 30cm
Beetroot Boltardy

Beetroot BoltardyBeetroot Boltardy is an older variety that is still one of the most popular choices for early and maincrop sowings.

It produces round roots with good internal colouring. One of the main plus points of this variety is its good resistance to bolting.

Sow little and often and you will be picking the roots over several months from June onwards.

Courgette Atena

Courgette AtenaAn early hybrid variety that produces heavy crops of yellow courgettes. The plants are semi-compact, meaning great for smaller gardens and making the fruits easy to pick.

Taste nicer than green courgettes according to our kids. They won't eat green ones, but will eat as many of these as we put on their plate!

Chilli Super Chilli

Chilli Super ChilliChilli Super Chilli is a hybrid small fruited Thai type. It produces attractive 8cm long upward pointing fruits on a compact plant, typically 30-45cm high. Fruits turn from green to red and are very hot, but highly suitable for use in the kitchen.

The perfect variety for pot growing in the conservatory or on the patio, it produces an amazing amount of fruits. Always one of the best in our trials.

French Bean Montano

French Bean MontanoWhat a winner this is. Introduced 2 years ago Montano produces masses of virtually stringless French Beans.

Sow a monthly batch for a season long supply. Can be grown in the allotment or 6 plants to a pot on the patio.

It is highly recommended. Has such a good sweet taste, our staff snack on them straight from the plant.

Mange Tout Sweet Horizon

Mange Tout Sweet HorizonPea Sweet Horizon is a high quality snow pea that produces a very heavy yield of mange tout pods just like you buy in the supermarket, except just taste the difference when you grow your own! Sweeter and Crisper, they are great in salads and stir-frys.

Sow seeds in 2 or 3 batches at intervals during the growing season to ensure a continuous supply of young mange tout pods. A very productive variety.

Potato Arran Pilot

Arran Pilot PotatoesPotatoes were one of the most enjoyable crops to grow and harvest and lack of an allotment shouldn't stop you.

One pack of Arran Pilot can be split over 3 pots / bags and if you chit them and plant them early, you'll have them harvested and eaten whilst prices are still high in the shops and before any sign of Blight.

An old favourite that's still one of the best for taste.

Runner Bean Equator

Runner Bean EquatorRunner Bean Equator is a superb new white flowered climbing variety. Not cheap, but well worth the extra cost due to its ability to semi-self pollinate, giving it excellent drought tolerance.

This gives it the advantage to produce a much better crop in warm dry summers, where traditional varieties have failed.

Salad Leaf Mesclun Mixed

Salad Leaf MesclunA lettuce based Salad Leaves blend selected from varieties with comparable growth rates and complementary flavours to provide an interesting and tasty babyleaf salad mix.

Can be direct sown into beds or pots and then harvested in as little as 28 days at peak season. Just sow little and often to get continuity.

Tomato Sungold

Tomato SungoldTomato Sungold is considered by many to be the best of the best for taste. Vigorous plants produce small delicious tasting orange coloured fruits on long trusses.

If they make it back to the kitchen, they are great in salads.

Best grown in the greenhouse, but can be used for planting outdoors later in the season.

Beetroot BoltardyBeetroot Boltardy
Courgette AtenaCourgette Atena
Chilli Red Flame - Cayenne HybridChilli Red Flame - Cayenne Hybrid
French Bean MontanoFrench Bean Montano
Mange Tout Sweet HorizonMange Tout Sweet Horizon
Arran Pilot Seed PotatoesArran Pilot Seed Potatoes
Runner Bean EquatorRunner Bean Equator
Salad Leaves Mesclun MixedSalad Leaves Mesclun Mixed
Tomato SungoldTomato Sungold
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