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Sagitta Seed Potatoes
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Sagitta Seed Potatoes


Sorry, we are currently out of stock  

Sorry, we are currently out of stock

Pack of 2kg potato tubers

Sagitta Seed Potatoes

Sagitta is actually a very popular variety in the chip shop trade, and is considered one of the best tasting potatoes available for chips.... and we agree!

This variety is a second early variety for lifting when skins are set in the Autumn.

Yearly Average Bag Counts
Count per bag depends on the previous growing season and size of the tuber grade out, below we list the average number across a count of 10 bags of this variety.
2020: TBC
Sagitta Seed Potatoes Fact File
Year of Breeding: N / A
Maturity: Second Early
General Comments: Great for chips.. 
Cooking Comments: Has a dry, light and fluffy, floury texture.
Frost Hardy: No
Tuber: Large oval tubers.
Blight Resistance Good
Scab Resistance Good
Eelworm (PCN) Resistance N / A


Pests and diseases

The most serious problem associated with all potatoes is blight, which can be more of a problem during the warmer summer months. If detected, then spraying the plants with a proprietary fungicide can be an effective preventative treatment.

Eelworm can also be a problem in some areas. It is highly recommended you only buy certified maincrop seed potatoes or plant resistant strains. Good hygiene and crop rotation can help avoid many common plant diseases.

Blackleg is a bacterial infection, which is also a known problem but it is usually confined to individual plants rather than the whole crop. Again, good hygiene and crop rotation is key to avoiding this particular disease.

Another common problem is potato scab, which can make the skins look a little unsightly. However, this problem does not affect the taste or quality of the potato in any way. To help avoid scab, ensure plenty of organic matter is incorporated into the soil during late autumn. Slugs can damage tender leaves and stems so “earthing up” regularly will help to keep them away from the plants.  

Harvesting and storage

Maincrop potatoes can be harvested after about 15-20 weeks or at the end of the growing season. They can be left in the soil until the first frosts and then lifted, dried and stored in a dark, airy, frost-free place. Hessian or paper sacks are best for storing. Avoid using polythene bags or sacks as potatoes will sweat and rot.

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