Salad Leaves Pak Choi Colour Crunch Seeds, average packet contents 500 seeds

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Colour Crunch is a blend of the pak choi varieties green stem F1 Baraku, white stem Canton White, red leaf Rubi F1 and the bright leaved Gold Yellow F1, together with Tatsoi, selected for producing the baby leaf seen in supermarket packets.

A well balanced and stable mix, performing well in 1 litre pots. Has a mild flavour and these varieties are best grown for salad leaves rather than full head production..

Even growing and stable, this salad leaf mix can be sown virtually all year round.


Salad Leaf Mixes Sowing Guidelines
When to Sow Seeds: Virtually all Year Round
Germination Temperature: 10C +
Cover Seed: Lightly
Time to Germinate: 7 Days
Frost Hardy: Best grown indoors during the colder months
Spacing Between Plants: Broadcast sow thinly for picking leaves young.

Our salad leaf mixtures are selected from varieties with comparable growth rates and complementary flavours to provide interesting and tasty babyleaf salads which are ideal for home consumption.

They can be direct sown into beds and then harvested 5cm tall in as little as 28 days at peak season. Mixes also vary in suitability for different seasons, some are cold tolerant and grow well as a cold glasshouse crop in winter.

To pot grow, sow direct into pots or trays (1-3 litre) to produce a growing salad. Salad mixes can also be sown direct into pots (use 1-3 litre pots) to sell as growing salads.

Dont expect a long shelf life from these quick growing items. Just sow little and often to get continuity.

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Salad Leaves Pak Choi Colour Crunch
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1 Review:

pak choi salad crunch.
26 August 2012  |  V

Excellent germination. Watch out for the flea beatles though, they nearly ate the lot. Otherwise, easy peasy to grow and very tasty.