Prepared Hyacinth Bulbs - Delft Blue

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Note: These are Prepared bulbs that are for growing in pots indoors for flowering around Christmas Time.

Hyacinth Delft Blue has Porcelain-blue, star-shaped flowers that will fill the room with their sweet perfume.

Prepared hyacinths are specifically treated for growing indoors and early flowering. When planted before the end of September, they can flower from mid-December onwards.

They can be planted in almost any container or pot using bulb fibre or a good quality compost. Plant up to 5 per container, leaving the top of the bulb showing above the surface. Water, then place in a cool, frost free spot.

Check weekly and when the flower bud is showing, bring the pot into a warm, but light room and keep moist but do not over water. The plants will then grow on to flower.

Hyacinth can also be grown in special hyacinth vases that use only water. If growing in these vases, ensure the base of the bulb does not touch the water. The roots will form and grow down into the water.

Note: The bulbs of Hyacinths can cause skin irritation. We advise using gloves or washing your hands when handling the bulb.

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