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Growing Vegetables in Containers

Not everyone has a large garden, an allotment, a vegetable plot to grow vegetables.

That doesn’t mean you can’t still grow a few home-grown, fresh vegetables when you want them. If you have room for a pot, grow bag, or even a window box.of any size then there is nothing to stop you from having a go at growing your own.

Scorzonera Maxima
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Scorzonera Maxima Seeds, average packet contents :  130 seeds

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In stock

Scorzonera is often known as BlackSalsify! It is one of the lesser known root vegetables, and is not the prettiest of vegetable to look at, but has very good flavour. Maxima has some resistance to bolting.

Growing wise it is similar to parsnips.

 Sowing Guidelines

 When to Sow:Apr, May
 Temperature Required:12C +
 Cover Seed:Lightly
 Time to Germinate:10 Days
 Frost Hardy:-

Seeds are sown in April or May at about 15cm apart. Thin out as soon as the seedlings are showing two or three adult leaves. They should produce good sized roots and be ready to use from early November.

The outer black skin should be scrapped off and then cooked similar to parsnips.

Soil preparation can be exactly as it would be for parsnips or carrots. Choose a site that is well tilled and stone free as the roots can have a tendency to fork.

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