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Okra Super Bhindi
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Okra Super Bhindi Seeds, average packet contents :  20 seeds

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Okra Super Bhindi are early and prolific selection that is best grown in the greenhouse. Despite being widely used in Asian restaurants, Okra is not widely grown, mainly because suitable varieties have not been available. However, testing in multiple Northern Europe locations has shown that Super Bhindi to be an excellent performer when grown undercover.

The medium vigorous, well-branched plants grow to 1.5 m, and produce a prolific crop of deep-green fruit that are best harvested when 7–10 cm long to ensure the most succulent, tender texture. Pods are uniform, slender, smooth and spineless. They are quick to set and starts producing on lower parts of the plant.

Super Bhindi’s hibiscus-like flowers bring a touch of early morning exotic to any greenhouse. Plant in full sun.

NOTE: Germination temperature of needs to be hot.... around 24 - 25C to break seed dormancy.

Okra Super Bhindi Sowing Guidelines
Average Packet Contents: :  20 Seeds
When to Sow Seeds: Mar to Early May
Germination Temperature: 24 - 25C +
Time to Germinate: 14 Days
Frost Hardy: No
Spacing Between Plants: 80cm
Row Spacing: 100cm
Plant Height: 150cm
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