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Slugger - Slug Defence

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Introducing Slugger, the only liquid ferric phosphate product available on the market!

With a potent 10% concentration of Iron (III) phosphate, Slugger contains the same active ingredient found in conventional slug pellets, but without any harmful synthetic compounds.

Slugger offers unbeatable value, containing the same amount of ferric phosphate as seven large canisters of 'ultra strong' slug pellets, each costing £8.00. Plus, Slugger's unique chemical formulation is exclusive to Eutrema Ltd, making it unavailable under any other brand.

Unlike slug pellets, Slugger is completely biodegradable, making it safe for the environment. It also gets iron phosphate into the soil, where 99% of garden slugs reside, rather than just on the surface.

Safe for use on all plant types and not classified as harmful to humans or pets, Slugger is the perfect solution for any gardener looking to protect their plants from pesky slugs without damaging the environment. Plus, it's 100% water-soluble for easy application. Try Slugger today and see the difference!

Nutrient content (w/v)

  • Iron 2.56%
  • Phosphate (as P2O5) 5.87%

How to Apply Slugger

To apply Slugger effectively, simply dilute 50mL with every litre of tap water. This means that for a standard 5 litre watering can, you will need to add half a bottle of the solution.

For optimal results, apply the solution at dusk. To apply to your plants, use a sprayer to mist the foliage. If you want to treat the root zone, use a watering can to drench the soil or turf. If you are applying the solution directly to the soil, you can use a more concentrated dilution.

By following these usage instructions, you'll be able to protect your plants from pests and promote their healthy growth.

  • Do not apply in very hot weather or if the soil is dry.
  • DO NOT SPRAY ON CONCRETE/STONE/BRICK or the iron may leave a stain.
  • Use as a preventative measure, not curatively. Or as an iron & phosphorus fertiliser.  Especially useful for correcting iron induced chlorosis on ericaceous plants (Rhododendron, Camellia, Azalea, Hydrangea etc).

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