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CocoBoost 75L Peat Free All Purpose Compost

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CocoBoost All Purpose Peat Free Compost - 75L

Introducing CocoBoost All Purpose Peat Free Compost in a generous 75L size—an eco-friendly, plant-loving solution for your gardening adventures.

It's time to move to a more sustainable gardening future with CocoBoost All Purpose Peat Free Compost - 75L. This compost is a game changer for your plants and the environment. By choosing a peat-free option, you're contributing to preserving vital ecosystems while ensuring your plants receive all the necessary nutrients to flourish.

CocoBoost isn't just your regular soil amendment—it includes slow-release fertilisers that nourish your plants for months, maintaining their health and resilience.

Perfect for both seasoned gardeners and newcomers, CocoBoost offers ease of use and consistent results. Suitable for various plants, its peat-free formula lets you nurture your garden guilt-free, every time.


This all-purpose peat-free compost—a sustainable blend crafted from renewable coir fibers. This premium compost is meticulously designed to support healthy foliage, robust root development, and the flourishing performance of flowers and fruits.

Boasting a balanced pH and nutrient-rich formula, CocoBoost ensures sustained nourishment for your plants without frequent supplementation. Compressed for convenience, it expands upon hydration, offering extended feeding for up to six months.

Ideal for containers, pots, and hanging baskets, CocoBoost caters to indoor and outdoor plants, except those requiring acidic soils. Tested to surpass leading brands, it stands as a reliable ally for your gardening endeavors.

Benefits and Performance:

This all purpose, peat free compost isn't only eco-friendly but also packed with a balanced slow-release fertiliser. This means it feeds your plants for up to six months, delivering a steady supply of nutrients essential for robust growth.

CocoBoost's unique composition offers excellent aeration and promotes effective drainage, preventing waterlogging and the associated root diseases. It also maintains good moisture retention, which is critical for strong root development. The increased porosity of the coir material encourages the colonisation of beneficial microbes, further boosting plant health.

The added NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) ensures your plants get the right balance of nutrients. These trace elements are crucial in developing healthy foliage, vibrant flowers, and plentiful fruits. Moreover, CocoBoost's balanced pH suits a wide range of plants, making it a versatile medium for all your gardening needs.

Whether you're potting young plants or maintaining mature ones, you can count on CocoBoost's consistent quality to provide the ideal growing conditions, leading to impressive and sustainable plant performance.

Tomato Plants Grown in this Compost

Usage Guidelines

To make the most out of CocoBoost's plant-boosting properties, you'll need to follow a few simple steps when preparing it for use.

Begin by placing the compressed brick of CocoBoost compost in a large container. Gradually add warm water, pouring it directly onto the centre of the brick. The amount of water and waiting time will vary, so refer to the instructions for the precise quantities. Typically, it takes around 8-20 minutes for the water to fully absorb.

Once the brick has expanded and the water is absorbed, take a hand fork and fluff up the compost. This step ensures proper aeration, crucial for the compost's structure and the roots' growth. It's essential to break apart any large clumps to create a uniform mixture.

Now, you're ready to pot your plants. Fill the container with the prepared CocoBoost compost, allowing space for proper root development. Remember, this compost contains a balanced slow-release fertilizer, so your plants will receive nutrients for up to six months.

Ensure you water the plants just enough to keep the compost moist, as overwatering can lead to poor root health and plant diseases.

Specifications and Packaging

Each compact 5kg block is designed to expand into 75L of usable compost for your gardening needs. When compacted it measures H: 31cm x W: 15cm x L: 31cm, fitting seamlessly into storage spaces until needed.

Each pack contains one block, ensuring that you have the exact amount needed for a substantial volume of compost once expanded.

Furthermore, the CocoBoost compost boasts a balanced slow-release fertilizer, which feeds your plants for up to six months. The NPK ratio is carefully calculated to cater to a wide range of plant types, providing essential nutrients for growth. The coir material offers excellent aeration and drainage, promoting strong root development.

Why Buy This Compost?

CocoBoost's 75L Peat-Free Compost is a good choice for eco-conscious gardeners. Remember, it's packed with slow-release nutrients that'll feed your plants for months, an issue a lot of peat free composts are struggling with.

For optimal results, maintain proper watering and don't forget to fluff the mix for aeration. Your plants will reward you with robust growth and vibrant blooms.

Trust in CocoBoost to provide the perfect balance of aeration, drainage, and moisture retention for a thriving, sustainable garden.

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