Viola Seed Mixed

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Variety: Viola Sorbet Mixed

No. of Seeds: 35

Germination Temp: 15+C

Ideal Plant Spacing: For this variety ideal plant spacing is 20cm apart, or 6 in a 30 container.

Sow Seeds from:

Jan, Feb - for early summer flowering.

July, early August, - for planting in the Autumn. 

September - overwinter and plant out in the Spring. 

How To Successfully Grow Viola From Seed

Viola is a genus of the very large violet family, which includes a range of annuals, biennials and perennials. Violas are bright and cheerful little plants that offer an abundance of colourful and edible flowers, which are especially appreciated during the months of early spring and summer. They are easy to grow in most soil types and will provide a striking display from spring onwards, if planted in a sunny or shady position.

Growing Viola from seed

Violas are very versatile plants, which can be grown from seed at various times of the year depending on when you want them to flower. For early summer flowering plants, sow seeds under glass during January and February. For autumn and spring flowering plants sow in trays or pots under cover or directly outdoors during July and August. Alternatively, sow seeds under cover in September to grow on and overwinter, which will then be ready to plant out the following spring. If sowing in pots or trays then use a seed compost and sow the seeds thinly before covering with .5cm of compost and applying water. Allow 10-14 days for germination to take place.

When the seedlings are large enough to handle, transplant them into individual 7.5cm pots or modular trays until large enough to plant out. Violas prefer a well-drained soil, with soil that has been pre-prepared with the addition of compost producing the best results. Feeding during the growing season will also help to keep the plants healthy and encourage the production of more flowers. Violas look great in pots and planters, window boxes, hanging baskets and all types of containers as well as flower beds and borders, where they should be planted at 15cm apart. 


Keep the plants watered during dry spells, especially plants that are in pots and containers. Remove dead heads often to encourage new flowers and remove any dead or dying leaves as they appear. Apply a dilute liquid feed during the warmer months only.

Pests and diseases

Slugs can be very problematic during the spring months and during wet weather periods. Effective deterrents include beer traps, crushed eggshells and coarse grit (Bideford sharp sand). Violas can sometimes display symptoms of leaf spot, which is a fungal disease. Leaf spot can be controlled by the application of a proprietary fungicide. During humid conditions, they can also become victim to downy mildew, for which there is no effective treatment.

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