Antirrhinum Seeds Mixed

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Antirrhinums (commonly known as snapdragons) were native to the Mediterranean region, but we are glad someone brought them over here! They are a favourite flower for cutting and fragrance, and are great for adding height to borders and containers.

Antirrhinums grow strong stemmed flower spikes that are tightly packed with long lasting flowers, and are bourne in such profusion that they can hide the plant.

Modern breeding has been concentrating on breeding shorter plants, more suitable for selling in packs in garden centre, but not everyone want this. Hence the 'Liberty' series we have chosen grows to between 50 - 60cm high. It has all the F1 hybrid performance, branches well without pinching, a good range of colours and a wonderful fragance.

Liberty is excellent in borders and containers, but can also be used for cutting for bouquets and vases.

Variety: Antirrhinum 'Liberty' Mixed

No. of Seeds: 100 seeds

Germination Temp: 15 - 18C

Ideal Plant Spacing: For this variety ideal plant spacing is 40cm apart, or 3 in a large container.

Sow Seeds from: Late Jan - Mid April

Antirrhinums are an easy to grow annual. Flowers begin to appear in the early summer, however the plants often wilt in the mid-summer's heat, but perk back up and bloom again when cooler weather returns.

Antirrhinums look good mixed with other bedding plants, and most probably you will want them to grow in small groups, to enjoy their fragrance. They are best placed towards the middle or back of the flower garden.

Propagation of Antirrhinum Seeds

Antirrhinums are grown from seeds. Whilst the seeds can be directly seeded into your garden - beware they are very small, so we recommend starting indoors. Sow seeds on a good quality compost and cover lightly with or vermiculite rather than compost as the seeds do like a bit of light to germinate.

Also cover the tray with plastic to provide a bit of humidity. Germination of seeds is usually around 7-10 days. Whilst Antirrhiums can cope with a bit of cold, do not place new seedlings outside until hardened off.

How to Grow Antirrhinum Plants

The plants will flower and bloom best in full sun. They will grow well in a pretty much average soil, however add a general purpose fertiliser before planting if the soil is poor. We recommend you add a slow release fertilizer when planting, for season long feeding. Antirrhinums will begin to flower in early summer - after each set of blooms, deadhead spent flowers to promote reblooming.

Likely Antirrhinum Problems

Insects do not really pose much of a problem. The main problem people tend to have with antirrhinums is 'damping off' at the germination stage, however a fungicide after sowing should have this covered.

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