Daffodil Bulbs - Ice King

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Ice King Daffodil Bulbs

Type: Double Flower

The spectacular double blooms of narcissi Ice King are deeply fringed almost carnation like the petals open to a creamy yellow and age to an ice white, supporting the central vibrant lemon - yellow centres which fade to ivory-white as the flowers mature.

Flowering late March to early April the blooms look stunning in formal beds or when landscaped in drifts in roadside verges on embankments and in general garden settings. The bulbs of narcissi Ice King naturalise easily and will reward you with a blaze of colour for years to come..

Daffodil Bulbs - Ice King Guidelines
Approx Qty Count: 80 - 90 per 5kg
Colour: White / Yellow
Usual Height: 45cm
Usually Flowers: March / April
Planting Depth: 15cm
Spacing: 15cm
Bulb Size: 12 / 14cm

Planting your Daffodils - Points to consider.

For maximum effect daffodil bulbs planted in open ground or in grassed areas, are best planted quite close together, 10cm to 15cm apart. In beds and borders they look best when planted in small groups of about 10 to 12. For pot grown bulbs you can plant even closer at 5cm – 10cm apart. When selecting varieties of daffodils, take note of their height when full grown as there are dwarf varieties available, which are better positioned in the front of beds and borders, or planted in window boxes or small pots.

One point to bear in mind before planting is the amount of light, which will be available come the spring. Too much shade from trees and shrubs could cause the plants to become long, gaunt and spindly. They may then be susceptible to collapse.

Ground preparation.

Daffodils will grow in virtually any type of soil but they perform best in neutral, well drained soils. Heavy clay type soils will need some preparation work, which could include the addition of lime and well-rotted vegetable matter or leaf mould.

Planting Carlton Daffodil BulbsThe bulbs contain their own store of food, which will be sufficient to support the growing plant and flowers for the duration of their term. However, the addition of a bulb fertiliser containing potash and applied after flowering, will help them to recover and prepare them for future growing seasons.

Planting your Bulbs

Once the number of daffodil bulbs needed has been calculated and purchased it’s best to plant them as soon as possible. The period between mid-September and mid-November is ideal. Avoid planting in frozen ground or when frost is likely.

Most bulbs should be planted around 75mm to 100mm deep ensuring the root end of the bulb is in contact with the soil and then covered with soil and firmly pressed. A hand trowel is the best tool for planting bulbs.

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