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Packet of Cabbage Kilaton SeedsCabbage Kilaton is one of the long awaited varieties that is clubroot resistant. It is an excellent performer that is reliable producing good quality round cabbages. It has good disease resistance and if you have trouble growing brassicas on your soil, then this is probably the variety to go for.

Kilaton can be picked from July onwards for earlier sowing, and with excellent holding ability, you can pick the cabbages over several months. The heads will store well once picked.

Average Packet Contents: 20 Seeds

Cabbage Kilaton Grow Notes
When to Sow Seeds: February - In Cell Trays. April / May - Cell Trays or Outside
Germination Temperature: 15 ℃ Cover Seeds: Yes
Time to Germination: 3 - 6 Days Frost Hardy: Best protected when young.
Spacing Between Plants: 50cm Row Spacing: 50cm
Plant Height: 50cm Planting Position: Sun

General Cabbage Growing Tips

Seed Sowing

There may be many different cabbage varieties available but fortunately they are all grown in a similar way. The only differences are the sowing and harvesting times, which will depend on your personal choice and when you might need them. Cabbage seeds can be sown in trays, pots or later on, directly outdoors into their growing positions.

For small pots and modular trays, use a general seed compost and sow the seeds thinly or one seed per module at a depth of 1cm. Apply water and place the pots or trays in a cold greenhouse, a cold frame, on a windowsill or in a sheltered area of the garden.

For outdoor sowing, use the side of a hoe to create a furrow approximately 1cm deep and sow the seeds thinly. Lightly cover the seeds and apply water along the length of the furrow. You can if you prefer, and if you have the space, sow directly into prepared seed beds and then transplant the seedlings later. This will allow you to use the main vegetable plot to grow other faster growing vegetables such as lettuce before the young cabbage plants are ready to be moved to their final positions.

Planting Out

Young cabbage plants will grow well in open ground and even in large containers but growbags are not really suitable. Water the young plants at the time of transplanting and sparingly thereafter if necessary, until before the first frost. Keep the plants well-watered during dry spells.

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Customer Reviews
Cabbage Kilaton
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4 Reviews:

Resists clubroot
29 June 2017  |  Terry

I bought Kilaton seeds this year. A high rate of germination. The plants are very strong and healthy and are showing no symptoms of clubroot on my plot where the disease is endemic.

Kilaton Cabbage
08 December 2012  |  Ann

This variety is what it says, club root resistant. I successfully grew it where other cabbage plants suffered badly. Produces large tasty ball heads.

Price wise
13 June 2012  |  Archie

I am not going to set these seed s this year i have done some Brussels from simply seeds and they are good value for what you Pay so far i have got good results

Kilaton Cabbage
24 October 2010  |  Robert

An excellent cabbage that does all that is claimed for it, is a regular on my plot.