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Wednesday, 29/07/2020

10 Beneficial Insects You’ll Want In Your Garden & Vegetable Plot

Nature always provides a means of keeping a balance and it’s no different in the garden. There are many insects that you should actively encourage to take up residence in your garden.....

Saturday, 27/06/2020

Luckily, growing sweetcorn from seed is a straight forward affair requiring little technical knowledge.

Cabbage Delight Ball
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Cabbage Delight Ball Seeds, average packet contents :  20 seeds


Sorry, we are currently out of stock  

Sorry, we are currently out of stock

Cabbage Delight Ball is an early maturing round cabbage used for producing dense compact heads around 1kg in weight.

Highly suitable for smaller plots and raised beds, as they can be planted closer together, it typically matures around 90 days, so good for June - September picking from a February to April sowing. Sow early (under protection) and pick early, before the cabbage whites!!

Delight Ball has a really good tolerance to bolting and has an attractive pale internal colour.

Cabbage Delight Ball Sowing Guidelines
When to Sow Seeds: February - April
Germination Temperature: 12C +
Cover Seed: Lightly
Time to Germinate: 3 - 4 Days
Frost Hardy: Yes , but best protected during cold weather as seedlings.
Spacing Between Plants: 40cm
Row Spacing 40cm
Plant Height 45cm +
Type Ballhead


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