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8kg Maris Piper Seed Potatoes
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8kg Bulk Box of Maris Piper Seed Potatoes


Sorry, we are currently out of stock  

Sorry, we are currently out of stock

Bulk box of 8kg potato tubers

Maris Piper Seed Potatoes

Maris Piper is one of the best known and popular potato varieties on sale, with more Maris Piper grown across the UK than any other variety. It is also a great favourite with fish and chip shops because it is so reliable, its high dry matter makes it an excellent choice for home-style chips and other potato dishes.

Maris Piper has a creamy coloured flesh and although technically its skin is white to yellow in colour, it is regarded as a ‘white’ potato and is widely available as seed and from supermarkets. There is nothing like growing your own though.

This seed is a Main Crop variety for lifting when skins are set in the Autumn.

8kg Maris Piper Seed Potatoes Fact File
Year of Breeding: 1964
Maturity: Maincrop
General Comments: Tried and tested general purpose potato. Britain's dominant field variety. Some say the best chipper ever.
Cooking Comments: Excellent flavour and texture, suitable for a wide range of uses. Floury and not the easiest to boil, but excels otherwise. Chips!
Frost Hardy: No
Tuber: White Oval Tubers.
Blight Resistance Moderate
Scab Resistance Low
Eelworm (PCN) Resistance Good Resistance


Maris Piper Potato SeedsMaris Piper Potato Seeds
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