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Complete Garden Bird Feeder Kit with Feed

Introducing our Bird Feeder and Feed Bundle, perfect for attracting and nourishing a diverse array of wild birds. This kit includes three elegant hammertone finish feeders: one for seeds, one for peanuts, and one for fat balls. Each feeder is designed to enhance your garden's aesthetic while providing a reliable feeding station for your feathered friends.

The bundle also includes three 1.5kg bags of high quality bird feed. You’ll get an all season mix to attract a variety of garden birds, premium peanuts for woodpeckers and nut loving species, and energy rich fat balls that many birds adore. This ensures your garden birds receive the best nutrition year round.

This all in one solution makes it easy to create a welcoming environment for garden birds. The stylish feeders and nutritious feed cater to all bird species, turning your garden into a lively hub of bird activity and song.

Whether you're an avid bird watcher or a beginner, our Feeder and Feed Bundle is perfect for bringing the beauty of wild birds into your garden. Enjoy the delightful presence of garden birds all year round with this complete kit.

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