BeakyBites Dried Calciworms for Birds - 400g Bag
BeakyBites Dried Calciworms for Birds - 400g Bag
BeakyBites Dried Calciworms for Birds - 400g Bag
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Dried Calciworms for Birds - 400g Bag

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Resealable, Delightful and Nutritious Treats for Garden Birds

Treat your feathered friends to our 400g bag of Dried Calciworms, sourced from premium quality black soldier fly larvae. Renowned for their high calcium content with over 50 times more than dried mealworms, these dried delights promote strong bones and eggshell formation in wild birds.

Feed your garden birds calciworms in various ways. Scatter directly on the ground for ground feeding birds, place on bird tables to attract a wide variety of species, or use a tube seed feeder to entice small perching birds. Protect your bird feed from pesky squirrels and larger birds with squirrel proof feeders, ensuring worms remain accessible to birds while out of reach for clever critters.

Carefully processed and packaged in a convenient 400g resealable bag, our calciworms are perfect for bird enthusiasts. The resealable feature keeps the feed fresh and makes storage easy, ensuring your garden birds always have access to a wholesome meal that supports their overall well being.

With their crunchy texture and rich flavour, our dried calciworms are sure to be a hit with your feathered friends. Whether you're attracting finches, house sparrows, or robins to your feeder, these calciworms provide a delicious and nutritious snack that will keep wild birds coming back for more.

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