BeakyBites Sunflower Hearts for Birds - 1.5kg Bag
BeakyBites Sunflower Hearts for Birds - 1.5kg Bag
BeakyBites Sunflower Hearts for Birds - 1.5kg Bag
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Sunflower Hearts for Birds - 1.5kg Bag

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Our 1.5kg bag of Sunflower Hearts is the ultimate gourmet delight for your feathered friends. Selected from the finest quality sunflower seeds, these hearts are meticulously hulled to reveal the nutrient-rich kernel within, ensuring a premium dining experience for wild birds.

Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats, Sunflower Hearts provide a powerhouse of nutrition to support the health and vitality of birds. Whether you're attracting songbirds, finches, or woodpeckers to your garden feeder, our hearts are an irresistible treat that will have birds chirping with delight.

Enjoy the convenience and cleanliness of our hulled sunflower hearts. With no shells to discard, you'll eliminate mess and waste, keeping your feeding area tidy and hassle-free. Plus, their small size makes them suitable for birds of all sizes.

Each 1.5kg resealable bag offers both freshness and convenience, ensuring your feathered friends receive the best every time. The resealable feature keeps the feed fresh and makes storage effortless. Simply seal the bag after each use to preserve the quality of the feed and keep it organized in your storage space.

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