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Packet of Tomato Losetto SeedsTomato Losetto is a vigorous semi-determinate f1 hybrid, that has the advantage of blight resistance. Bred for outdoor cropping, either in tubs, baskets or planted in the ground, Losetto grows approx 60cm tall, with a 50 cm spread and is best grown with a bit of support.

Produces masses of cherry sized fruit that has an excellent flavour.

Selected by the 'Grow Your Own' Magazine as one of the best for outdoor growing.

Plant in large containers as well as garden borders. Bred for planting outdoors.

Average Packet Contents: 10 Seeds

Tomato Losetto Grow Notes
When to Sow Seeds: Late March to Early June - In cell trays with a bit of heat to get started.
Germination Temperature: 18 ℃ Cover Seeds: Yes
Time to Germination: 7 - 10 Days Frost Hardy: No, provide frost protection.
Container Size:

30cm and above - The bigger, the better

Growth Habit: Bush, Mounding, Semi- Trailing
Plant Height: 60cm Planting Position: Sun


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Plant Out:                        

Semi bush tomatoes are a great choice for growing in containers and the garden border. They are a semi- determinate variety This makes them perfect for growing in smaller gardens, especially if you don't have a greenhouse.

Sowing the Seeds.

To grow Losetto successfully from seed for growing outside, sow April time so by the time they are ready for planting outside, you will have young pot grown plants ready for when the risk of frost has passed. Sow the seeds under a little heat for best germination, then move to a frost free position with plenty of light to grow on.

Once they are big enough transfer to 9cm pots or bigger using a good quality compost and grow on till ready for planting out.

When and Where to Plant.

Losetto tomatoes should be planted outside in late May or early June, once all risk of frost has passed. Choose a sunny spot in the garden border or plant them in containers filled with good quality compost. To grow bush tomatoes in containers, choose a pot that is at least 30cm wide and 30cm deep, ideally larger... go as big as you can. Fill the pot with a good quality potting mix and water well. Place the plant in the pot and backfill with soil. Water again to settle the soil. Tomatoes need to be watered regularly, especially during hot weather. Be sure to check the soil before watering to make sure that it is not already moist.

Feeding Your Tomato Plants

Tomato plants should be fed every two weeks with a tomato fertiliser. If you are growing tomatoes in containers, you will need to fertilise more often. Once the plants start to produce fruit, you can reduce the amount of fertiliser. Too much fertiliser can cause the plants to produce lots of leaves but few fruits.

Harvesting Your Tomatoes

The first Losetto tomatoes will be ready to harvest in about 75 days. The fruits should be a vibrant red colour and firm to the touch. To harvest, twist the fruit from the plant with your fingers. The tomatoes can be eaten fresh or used in cooking.

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Customer Reviews
Tomato Losetto
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2 Reviews:

No fuss tomatoes!
30 March 2014  |  Peter

Very early to yield lovely sweet large-cherry fruits. After dying down in August it started shooting from the base and I was eating tomatoes from it again in late September.

Sweet Tomato Fountain
11 October 2013  |  D.

Planted April outside and was harvesting tomatoes before any of my brothers varieties that had been sown February in his greenhouse and am still harvesting in October on the south coast, late blight on potatoes in the garden but these have not been touched and they all ripen perfectly.