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Don't Worry!, there's plenty of time to plant those potatoes

Friday, 5 April 2013  |  SimplySeed

Don't worry.

Spring may be later than normal this year but no doubt we’ll see warmer days soon. Delaying potato seed planting at this time of year is nothing to worry about - don't rush in thinking you have to get them planted. It’s more important to ensure seed potatoes are planted into warm soil, even if it is a bit later than normal.

Keep the tubers in a cool, frost free place and they will be fine. Seed potatoes planted at the end of  April and into May will give good results!This is when we plant ours, it misses the frosts and we are still able to start digging some earlies come July.

We have still have some stocks of seed potatoes, safely tucked up in our cold store, waiting for the warm weather, But be quick we are getting down them.