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New Products for 2015 - Part 1

Tuesday, 11 November 2014  |  SimplySeed

We have sourced a number of new items that we have added to the website so far, here's a quick run down.....

Check Back for part 2 soon, we have some superb new Runner Beans arriving mid-December, also a new club-root resistant red cabbage variety, plus new sweet peppers for hanging baskets, plus more.....


There are some very good new tomatoes available, and a couple of ones that have made a bit of a comeback.

Tomato Black Opal

This is our replacement for Black Cherry. UK Bred for UK conditions, it really come very highly rated.

Black Opal has an improved growth habit, firmer texture and much better flavour recording a brix value of 9 compared to the 7 of the older variety. The small sized fruits when mature weigh about 20 grams, and each plant should average between 150 - 200 fruits if correctly looked after.

Tomato Orange Santa

Not the cheapest of seed, but boy is this one good.

Orange Santa is an attractive orange coloured cherry plum variety. With a high sugar content, it has a superb sweet flavour when ripe.

The plants are vigorous and sturdy, however it will yield the best when grown in a greenhouse.

Tomato Sakura

Probably one of the best varieties you have never heard of, not so widely grown in the UK, but is very popular on the continent

Sakura is a medium early cherry tomato with a compact, but vigorous habit. Produces larger cherry tomatoes between 15 - 22g in weight, with very good yields. Fruits have good taste and have a strong resistance to splitting.

Tomato Snowberry

Not a new variety, but new to us,....Tomato SnowBerry is an indeterminate heritage variety that produces masses of small unique creamy-yellow fruit. Snow berry is a very productive variety with long trusses bearing up to 50 fruits per truss, fruits have a good flavour.

Ideal for planting outdoors, but just as good in the greenhouse. The plants will need support

Tomato Supersteak

Supersteak is an  F1 hybrid beefsteak tomato that produces exceptionally large red fruit, often up to 500g each in weight.

These are strong growing plants, that would be best grown in the greenhouse.

Harvesting time will depend on sowing time and growing conditions, however bare in mind that bigger tomatoes take a lot longer to grow that smaller varieties.

Tomato SunCherry Premium

Suncherry Premium is an award winning cherry tomato that produces large cluster trusses of bright red fruits.

The fruits weigh between 13 - 15g each and have very good flavour. Has a brix value of 9, meaning a nice sweet taste.

The plants will need support. Well Recommended.

Other items......

Sweetcorn Golden Gate

Sweetcorn Golden Gate is a 'super sweet' type (sh2). A mid season SuperSeedWare variety that will produce good sized yellow cobs around 22cm in length, with 18 - 20 rows of golden kernels.

SuperSeedWare varieties are a new class of sweetcorn that have been bred for improved performance of the seed, especially with earlier sowings into colder or wetter soil. Other benefits include stronger growth and enhanced flavour.

Pumpkin Knucklehead

Pumpkin Knuckle Head is an excellent F1 halloween variety, with distinctive warts for added 'effect'. It will produce upright oval shaped fruits approx. 5-7kg in size., The fruits are a deep orange colour with strong handles.

Ideal for carving, this could be considered the ultimate in Halloween pumpkins!!


Chilli Cherry Bomb

It's back! - but order soon - Limited Seed Availability.

Chilli Pepper Cherry Bomb is a medium heat cherry variety being very productive and early. Fruits have a thick wall and are produced on small strong plants. These are approx 7cm in diameter and ripen green to bright red.

They are excellent for pickling, using in salsas, salads or just roasted.

Broad Bean Robin Hood

Broad Bean Robin Hood is an new very uniform, compact variety. It has been bred in the UK for use in containers and smaller garden or patio growing situations.

It has very good flavour and produces very high quality beans, with a high yield, when picked regularly.

Suitable for normal season product, or overwintering in milder areas.