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New Products for 2015 - Part 2

Friday, 9 January 2015  |  SimplySeed

Part 2 of our New Varieties for 2015......

Runner Bean Firestorm

Runner Bean Firestorm is one of the latest advances in Runner Bean breeding. A red flowered variety that is a cross between a Runner Bean and a French Bean, which gives this new variety easy setting and very high yielding characteristics.

It produces good flavoured tasty, stringless pods, which typically measure 25 x 2.5cm over a long cropping period. Plant vigour is excellent and is resistant to all relevant viruses.

Runner Bean Tenderstar

The result of over 15 years breeding in the UK - Runner Bean Tenderstar is a superb new runner bean and French bean cross with exceptional flavour and texture.

Producing a dazzling array of unique Pink and White flowers, the plants have good vigour and produce masses of beans approx 20cm in length.



Pepper Sweet Sunshine

Sweet Sunshine has been bred for growing on your patio, specifically into Baskets or raised containers, so is perfect if you are short of space in your garden.

This plant produces heavy crops of small but tasty, pointed fruits. It is one of the easiest pepper varieties to grow. The peppers are juicy and tender and will be ready to pick from mid-July onwards.


Tomato Sugar Gloss

Tomato Sugar Gloss is a new UK bred indeterminate variety with high yielding trusses and very visually attractive glossy red fruit.

The bright red cherry fruit have a good flavour with a 12% Brix rating for sweetness (This is actually higher than Sungold). It is very high yielding with up to 60 fruit on the long, elegant trusses, when grown in the greenhouse.


Tomato Big League

Tomato Big League is a unique new determinate tomato with very large (400-600g) beefsteak fruits.

Bred with this purpose in mind, Big League is perfect for a large patio container, reaching a final height of approximately 120cm, and produces the largest fruit of any true container type to date.


Tomato Apricot Dream

Tomato Apricot Dream is a new UK bred F1 Hybrid indeterminate variety that will produce a mass of very sweet fruit in a delightful apricot/orange colour.

Apricot Dream will produce 20-30 fruit per truss with a very high Brix rating of 11.5 giving a candy-like sweetness! Indeterminate but with a controlled habit making it very useable in Tubs.


Lemon Grass

Lemon Grass is a tender perennial and easy to grow. This is an east indian strain growing to 20 to 30cm in height.

Leaves can be harvest as soon as large enough and will reshoot. Used for flavouring and scents



Cucumber Delistar

Cucumber Delistar is a mini but unusual cucumber as it has very thin translucent skin, which mean there is no need to peel the fruit and reduces the need to peel for people who have trouble digesting cucumbers.

With a crunchy sweet taste, the fruits typically grow to 16 - 18cm long and weight around 90g when ready to pick.


Cucumber Peticue

Cucumber Peticue is a short vining / bush slicing cucumber variety that has been bred to stay compact with the vines using only ⅓ of the space of a standard variety.

Plants mature in just 45 days when sown at the correct times. Pick the green fruit at around 18cm for the best tasting, crunchy-sweet cues. Harvest regularly to increase the yield.


Carrot Norwich

Carrot Norwich is an excellent F1 Hybrid second early Nantes type ideal for harvesting from July till early September. It produces bulky, smooth, very good deep orange cylindrical roots, with good flavour and texture. This replaces Carrot Trevor in our range.

The carrots typically grow up to 17-20cm long and will take around 104 days from sowing to harvest.


Radish Malaga

Radish Malaga is a striking purple skinned variety that produces round roots with a good shape and strong tips. It looks attractive in the salad bowl and has a mild flavour with a crisp flesh.

Best harvested after 4 weeks when the radishes should be around 2.5cm across.