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Fresh Salad Leaves

Sunday, 2 June 2013  |  SimplySeed

Freshly picked from the raised bed, into the salad spinner and onto the plate - you can't beat it.....

This is a mix of Lettuce Mesclun Mixed, Rocket Serrata, Mizuna, and Spinach Mississippi. Doesn't look too much different from those supermarket bags does it? And its a whole lot cheaper.

We sowed the Lettuce into large cell trays. A week before they were ready for planting, we sowed the Rocket and the Spinach direct into the raised beds. Then when we planted out the lettuce plants, we sowed the mizuna.

Result! Three weeks later and we are picking huge bowls of fresh salads, just add Tomatoes, some Cucumber, Pickled Onions and a bit of dressing and I think that's all you need. Plus, there's still time to be doing this yourself, you can grow in raised beds, or patio pots if you don't have an allotment.


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