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Premiere Seed Potatoes
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Premiere Potato Seed


Sorry, we are currently out of stock  

Sorry, we are currently out of stock

Pack of 1kg potato tubers

  • enough for a 12ft row,
  • or 3-4 potato planters.

Potatoes Available to Order From Mid- December onwards for delivery from mid-January Onwards.

Why not delay your Potato Order!

​Do you struggle to hold your seed potatoes in a good condition until the weather is right for planting?? With SimplySeed you are now able to order your Seed Potatoes for delivery ASAP, or on ordering request for delivery in February or March. Keep your potatoes in our temperature controlled cold store rather than struggling with them at home, and we'll deliver them at a week specified by you.

NOTE: We will hold all your order - if you want packet seeds earlier, then please place 2 separate orders. 

Premiere Potatoes, digging from the allotmentPremiere Seed Potatoes

Premiere is popular due to its good all round disease resistance to blight, common scab, powdery scab, spraing and it is also resistant to Potato Cyst Nematode. This potato seed is a first early variety.

Year of Breeding - 1979

Maturity - First Early

General Comments
Good reliable performer!

Cooking Comments
After cooking, the flesh has the capacity to crumble, but if left to cool it will firm up and slice easily. The skin stays intact after cooking.

Premiere Seed Potatoes - Great for fresh New Potatoes.Tuber - Yellow skin and yellow flesh. Firm, slightly dry texture, Oval

Blight Resistance - Good

Scab Resistance - High

Roasting / Frying - No

General Purpose - Yes

Boiling / Salad - Yes

Eelworm (PCN) Resistance - Resistant

Yearly Average Bag Counts
Count per bag depends on the previous growing season and size of the tuber grade out, below we list the average number across a count of 10 bags of this variety.
2017: 17

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